The Credit Crunch MBA

How much would you pay for a life where you had to work and study 70 hours a week, save money wherever possible and always be uncertain about the future?

I’m sure you’re scratching your head and asking yourself why you would pay anything for a life like that. Well, as it turns out that is what an MBA at a top business school is like and people are still paying thousands of dollars for it, in my case just under $60,000 Australian dollars (around $50,000 US dollars) a year in tuition.

  One positive thing to have come out of the global financial crisis for current students is that people have realized that there are no right or wrong solutions, and class lectures devote more time to discussion and student feedback.

On the other hand, and contrary to what I wrote in a previous entry, there’s more pressure to achieve top grades now. My class is conscious that the job market’s very tough, so we’re striving for perfection. A lot of us thought the financial crisis was a good time to study for a couple of years, but we have to accept the possibility that things won’t necessarily be better by 2010.

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