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Louis Vuitton Opens Door to HEC MBA Grad

HEC alumni reveals how she's secured the job that every girl dreams about

BusinessBecause.com catches up with Kate Chan, Louis Vuitton's Scandinavia Marketing officer and 2009 HEC Paris MBA grad, to learn about her journey from Hong Kong (her birth place) to the world's fashion capital.

Convinced that the MBA played a "decisive factor" in her career success, Chan remains undecided about which is the best city for fashion.

{{video:embed url="http://vimeo.com/12111463"}}

So we did some research and found a list where New York topped the chart - not bad for the escalating  Sex and the City 2 fever around the globe.


Sunday 30th May 2010, 21.17 (UTC)


Definitely Sao Paulo for fashion:)

Thursday 3rd June 2010, 21.38 (UTC)


It is clear that Paris is THE city for fashion!!! hermes, Louis Vuiton, Cartier, Cardin., Chloe.. This HEC MBA Grad is a real opportunity for France and foreign students to promote french luxury!!!!

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