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Diversity Is Providing Fisher MBAs With Unique Career Opportunities

International students are landing jobs at Amazon, Microsoft and Walmart

At The Ohio State University’s Max M. Fisher College of Business, students come from diverse backgrounds. The MBA cohort is composed of 36% international students, representing 14 nations including the U.S. 15% are minority students, and 27% are female.

The multicultural program gives MBAs unique career opportunities at international corporations that need globally minded managers.

Below, we profile three international MBAs whose Fisher experiences helped them land jobs in a new country.

Abhishek Pandey 

Class: 2017

Region: India

Work: Walmart Global eCommerce

Q. Why should international students consider the Fisher MBA?

The Global Applied Projects (GAP) program allows students to spend three weeks in a different country working with business executives. This helps students gain a global mindset and learn about different cultures. The MBA program size is optimal for international students to develop close and long-lasting relationships with domestic students.

There are several cultural student organizations at Fisher that help incoming students settle down when they first arrive in the U.S. They organize multiple events that help students celebrate cultural diversity and learn from each other’s unique experiences.


Q. How did Fisher help you land an internship at Walmart Global eCommerce?

The Office of Career Management (OCM) has been instrumental in providing me with the resources required for career success. The OCM provides one-on-one opportunities for students to interact with experienced career consultants. These career consultants are discipline-specific. They maintain a close relationship with each student, thereby providing a very personalized experience. I prepared myself as a job seeker by participating in several events and workshops organized by the Graduate Career Management Center, including Career Core, career foundation seminars, information sessions and mock interviews.

Q. What’s it like working in the San Francisco Bay Area?

It was amazing to work with great minds and talented people in the San Francisco Bay Area. The area is full of energy and creativity — and new ideas that have the potential to make a global impact.

There are so many things to do in the including visiting museums, hiking, sightseeing, biking to the Golden Gate Bridge, or taking a ferry to Angel Island. All of these activities help maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The Bay Area also provides several networking opportunities with students from other business schools. The people in the Bay Area are very friendly and cooperative.

Eduardo Moraes


Class: 2017

Region: Brazil

Work: Amazon UK

Q. How did Fisher help you secure your current job?

I was only able to secure my job in Amazon UK’s Pathways program because of Fisher’s strong relationships with the company, since Amazon regularly recruits at Fisher to fill operations and program manager roles.

The amazing staff at the Office of Career Management facilitated the interviews by putting me and other students in contact with Amazon’s recruiters. They also helped us with mock interview practice and general guidance in the application process. I honestly can’t thank them enough for helping me land my dream job.

Q. How did you benefit from the diversity of Fisher?

Being a Latino student myself, I can say that Fisher always made me feel welcome and part of a larger community. I never felt left out and was always encouraged to share my thoughts and experiences with the rest of the class, which seemed genuinely interested in listening.

The diversity of Fisher’s student body and staff made it very easy for me to get to know and become friends with people from different cultures and backgrounds, as well as to hear their opinions on business topics. I absolutely could not get an experience like this in my home country of Brazil.

Q. How did Fisher support you in finding a job in a new country?

Since some of the largest multinational companies recruit at Fisher, so obtaining a job overseas is as easy as applying and interviewing for it. Many companies are eager to hire Fisher students to work abroad because they trust the school has provided them with proper leadership training, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Fisher was also extremely helpful during my salary negotiation, since it has a database of how much recent graduates are being paid on a regional and company basis.

Gopika Ravi


Class: 2017

Region: India

Work: Microsoft

Q. Why did you decide to begin an MBA at Fisher instead of in your home country?

The unique exposure to global business functions and the diverse experiences offered by U.S. universities was a large factor. Among the U.S. B-schools that I applied to, Fisher stood out as the most welcoming. During the application process, candidates typically make connections with alumni and current students to get a feel for the institution. With every connection, I could feel the warm and collaborative culture of the school. Fisher invested in individual applicants and gave me a sense of security in this new country.

Q. What do you hope to do upon graduation and how is Fisher helping you achieve that?

I came to Fisher with an ambition to enter product management in a technology firm.

My summer internship as a marketing strategist at GroundWork Technologies in Columbus, Ohio, gave me the much-needed business experience that complemented my tech background. Fisher’s Office of Career Management played a crucial role in helping me find and secure this internship. The breadth of learning and networking opportunities that a university as large as Ohio State can provide is phenomenal.

I met a recruiter from Microsoft during Ohio State’s engineering career expo and landed a product manager role at Microsoft, which I will begin this summer.

Q. What support is there for international students at Fisher?

Fisher’s friendly and collaborative culture serves as a comfortable environment for international students to explore new opportunities. Beyond that, Fisher truly fosters diversity through student organizations and events. I believe this feeling of ‘being at home’ is the biggest support an institution can offer its international students. Fisher and its faculty and staff do an amazing job of that.


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