The Best Work Visas For MBA Graduates Outside The United States

As US immigration policy affects international MBA applications, don’t fret. These four top visas could be your ticket to the international career you crave

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) 2017 Application Trends Survey Report, there has been a shift in international demand for MBAs away from the US and toward programs in Europe and Canada.

In fact, the report states that ‘programs in Europe and Canada are about twice as likely to report growth in international applicants compared with the US.’

This, GMAC says, is a reflection of the Trump administration's obdurate immigration policy, and it has implications for international students that may extend beyond the actual MBA period.

In many cases, earning an MBA in a given country can smooth the way to getting a work visa there after graduation. But, according to a July report from the National Foundation for American Policy, the US has sharply decreased the number of temporary work visas it grants, imposed stricter standards, and slowed down the process in general.

With this in mind, here are four alternative, non-US work visas for MBAs looking to study, and work, internationally. Bear in mind that visa requirements may differ based on your home country.

1. The Netherlands:...

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Nick Barniville

Thursday 22nd November 2018, 16.16 (Europe/Paris)

I think you forgot the best one: GERMANY. Here, once you graduate, you have 18 months to look for a job which is "commensurate with your degree". There is no minimum income level, and there are no hurdles. You do not have to show that an EU person is not available. You do not have to meet any language or other requirements. Once you get a job, you can stay indefinitely, with a clear 8 year path to citizenship from start to finish. If you meet certain income thresholds, you can get an EU Blue Card, meaning you can work anywhere in the EU. This applies to Bachelor's, Master's and MBA, and you can work at any job during your 18 month job seekers visa. This is better than all the options above, not sure how you missed it. Yours, Nick Barniville, ESMT Berlin

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