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How An MBA In Thailand Kickstarted My Career In Recruitment

Managing Director at the fastest-growing recruitment agency in Thailand, French native Baptiste Rozotte used his MBA at Sasin School of Management, to cultivate a successful career in Southeast Asia


Thu Oct 13 2022

Almost 10 years ago, with a career in HR already under his belt, Baptiste Rozotte decided to take an MBA; his first and only choice was Thailand's top-ranked Business School, Sasin. 

His Sasin MBA accreditation led to a successful career where he quickly rose in ranks at various recruitment companies. This year, he landed the role of managing director at Criterion Asia Recruitment, using the experience he gained at Sasin to effectively manage financials and recruitment across the company. 


Expanding his global network at Sasin 

Baptiste moved to Bangkok from Paris for family reasons, and decided to take an MBA to understand the Thai business environment better. Before his move, Baptiste searched for the best MBA in Thailand, and up popped Sasin. 

"There are some big differences between doing business in France and Thailand. I wanted to know the local way of doing business and gain a Thai network, which I could get by studying at Sasin," Baptiste says. 

Sasin emphasizes gaining an international perspective, and Baptiste found the various connections he made during his MBA the highlight of his time at the business school. 

Sasin has an extensive network of international faculty from top-ranked global universities. Baptiste particularly remembers his finance professor, Mark Finn, a visiting professor from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University – an M7 Business School

“We were taught by some great professors from all over the world. That was very useful for me, and I still apply the knowledge and the network I got from their lead," he says. 

Sasin's flexible MBA integrates a global perspective throughout the program, with almost every course involving international case studies and perspectives. Students can participate in local, regional, and global startup competitions, and hear from international guest speakers. 


Gaining relevant experience for a managing director role

Baptiste started his Sasin MBA with a background in HR. Previously, he had worked for three years in HR and diversity and inclusion, at Credit Agricole, a large bank in Paris.

During his Sasin MBA, he gained skills and experience that have contributed to his career progress, particularly in finance. 

"Having worked in HR, I was not used to the finance side, analyzing the scene, doing the financial forecast, profit and loss, etcetera. Studying at Sasin helped me gain the knowledge I lacked," Baptiste says. 

The networking activities he engaged in also helped him to grow in his role. As a recruiter, he often uses these networking skills­—and often draws on the network he established at Sasin. 

"I'm still using that network today. Those skills help me get new clients and recruit candidates since I can access my Sasin network," Baptiste explains. 

These days, Baptiste uses his financial and networking skills at Criterion Asia Recruitment. As a managing director, he is in charge of profit and loss, recruiting and training the team across areas including finance and accounting, developing business with clients across Thailand and Southeast Asia, and handling executive searches at a top management level. 


Building a career as a recruitment agent

Baptiste’s first role after Sasin was with a major recruitment agency, RSC recruitment, where he worked for five years. He progressed from a senior researcher to a division manager. 

After five years at RSC recruitment, he moved to be a managing director at Criterion Asia Recruitment, a company that has been growing extremely fast and, in 2020, was the fastest growing recruitment agency in Thailand by revenue and profit. 

"I'm responsible for managing the team here, it's around 15 staff, and we keep recruiting. I'm also the overall manager of the company, which includes finance, sales, marketing, and HR, so a bit of everything, which I really like."

Baptiste says he would recommend Sasin for those looking to build a long-term career and to progress a business career in Thailand. 

"I think Sasin is the best option for long-term business opportunities and a long-term network because you keep in contact with people you study with at Sasin for the rest of your life."

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