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The 11 Best US Business Schools For Sustainability

Programs that teach sustainable business practices are in demand

Sustainability has become one of the hottest topics in business.

Business world interest in issues such as climate change and renewable energy has soared, which has dramatically increased the importance of sustainability in every MBA curriculum.

Younger generations are especially eager to learn how to flex their business skills in ways that won’t harm, or may even help, the earth and its inhabitants.

Of course, there are many different criteria to consider when looking at 'green' MBA programs. Some of these criteria are expected, such as curriculum, reputation, and faculty, but it's also essential that prospective b-schoolers apply a critical lens to the ways in which schools engage with their local communities. Not to mention other 'hands-on' opportunities that the programs provide in the realm of sustainability.

Here's 11 of the best US business schools for sustainability:


1. Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School's reputation precedes itself. CBS has produced over 44,000 alumni in its 102-year history, including Warren Buffett and Henry Kravis, among others. For those interested in sustainability, its Individual, Business and Society...

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