Meet The International MBAs Triple Jumping Into Careers In Europe

98% of Bath MBA students land new jobs within six months of graduation. Many change role, industry and location

For almost a decade, Ivan Muñoz worked in finance in his native Mexico, for top firms like IBM and HSBC. Determined to pursue a career in Europe, he relocated to the UK’s Bath School of Management for his MBA.

Two months before graduation, he made the MBA triple jump – changing role, industry and location – to land a dream new job in the automotive industry. He’s just moved to Paris and started as chief marketing officer at Nissan France.

“The opportunity came through the school,” he says. “Bath gave me the tools to face all the interviews in the selection process in a very efficient way. And the MBA allowed me to make the transition into marketing.”

98% of Bath MBAs land jobs within 6 months of graduation, many beforehand. Through the school’s career development service, MBAs have access to career coaching, workshops on resume prep, mock interviews, and a range of networking opportunities.

It's personalized. Each student can tailor their experience in order to explore their unique career goals. Opportunities for internships at multinationals - like tech giant IBM and engineering services firm Arup – are incorporated within the MBA program. The MBA class is 90% international.

“The diversity of the MBA cohort helped me a lot in my interviews with Nissan,” Ivan continues. “At Bath, I had friends from India, Pakistan, Taiwan [...] I had experience of cultures that I wouldn’t have had staying in Mexico.”

Prior to his MBA, a stint at BMW Financial Services whet Ivan’s appetite for a career in the automotive industry. His long-term ambition is to become a director at a leading car firm. His new marketing role is another step towards that goal.

139 people applied for the job at Nissan. After four rounds of interviews, Ivan was one of 10 chosen to join the firm’s development team

“One of my objectives was to pursue a more international career,” Ivan explains. “The Bath MBA provided me the necessary elements to achieve that.”

Fellow Mexican MBA Rafael Lopez Schietekat followed a similar path. After five years’ management consulting for EY in Mexico City and San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, he decided to change track.

In 2014, he picked Bath over Imperial and Warwick Business School for his MBA. Several months prior to graduation, he secured a senior strategic role at Dixons Carphone in London.

“Coming straight from Mexico City and landing a job would have been impossible,” he says. “The company valued the fact that I’d spent a year preparing myself for the UK business environment. They knew Bath and the position the school.”

Today, Rafael is leading a three-year strategy and expansion plan for Dixons Carphone Travel Business Unit, responsible for shops in airports and other travel stations. The Bath MBA was the perfect preparation.

“Now more than ever, business is about globalization and interacting with people from all over the world,” he says.

“In my MBA class, there were 50 different people from 30 different countries. It gave me a perspective of how multinational companies work and what the real business world looks like.”

Current MBA student Wince Shum grew up in Canada and spent the last five years working in technical operations roles in the aviation industry in Hong Kong. A triple jump into Europe is now on the cards. And she’s using the MBA experience to find out what she wants to do.

“If I want to switch into sales or marketing, that’s where I expect my MBA to come into play,” Wince explains. “It’s about opening more doors and broadening horizons. With an MBA, I’m not limited to anything.”

Wince chose Bath for a more personalized MBA experience in an intimate, 45-to-50-student cohort. Next term, she’s set to study a range of elective courses including analytics, supply chain, innovation management, and the psychology of decision-making.

“You have more flexibility here,” she says. “In the larger schools, everybody is the same. Here, you get to express your uniqueness, and you have this space to explore whatever it is you want to explore.”

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