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4 Lesser-Known US MBA Programs You Should Consider

Outside the top tiers of the rankings, but graduates from these US MBA programs are just as successful

Given how competitive business is as a field, it's easy for the prestige associated with particular elite schools to allow them to overshadow other high-quality programs—ones that offer unique benefits and advantages to their students.

While the reputation of one's alma mater is certainly a factor in the job market, there are plenty of other aspects to consider when pursuing an MBA.

Here are four schools that may not be on your radar, but should be on account of what they offer.

1. Wisconsin School of Business — University of Wisconsin-Madison


One of the chief distinguishing features of Wisconsin School of Business is its disproportionately high return on investment. That boils down to a number of different aspects, according to assistant dean Blair Sanford who cites a whopping 7.4-to-1 salary-and-bonus-to-debt ratio upon graduation.

Another draw for UW is the staggeringly low...

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