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EGADE Business School Offers Online Courses With MOOC Platform EdX

EGADE Business School's new MOOCs, in partnership with EdX, can help you quickly upskill in one area—or build toward a wider business qualification


Fri Oct 8 2021

Mexico’s EGADE Business School, the top-ranked business school in Latin America according to the QS Global MBA rankings, is now offering its own online business courses in partnership with EdX.

From organizational creativity to negotiation strategies, EGADE’s MOOCs are teaching the latest entrepreneurship and leadership skills to professionals across the world looking to accelerate their careers. 

These short courses are also a great entry point into a full business degree, as EGADE allows you to stack credits earned from MOOCs towards the school's business programs.

Who are EGADE MOOCs for?

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are a flexible and fast-paced approach to learning, allowing you the chance to improve your skills and boost your employability without the cost of a business degree. 

180 million people took MOOCs in 2020, enrolling in short-term courses in a variety of disciplines through platforms like Coursera, EdX, and Udacity.

MOOCs allow participants to study at their own pace, which makes them a great option for busy professionals looking to upskill quickly and efficiently.

With asynchronous classes, there’s no specific schedule to stick to and you can do the assignments in your own time, which enables you to incorporate learning into your day without sacrificing your professional and family commitments. 

EGADE’s MOOCs are delivered in the same flexible, asynchronous way. 

“We identified an opportunity to share with the community all the knowledge that our faculty was generating, mostly in innovation, entrepreneurship, and more recently, in sustainability,” says Laura Zapata, associate dean of academic affairs at EGADE Business School. 

“In two clicks, you get all the knowledge you’re looking for and the opportunity to develop specific skills.”

If you’re aiming to refine your leadership skills, keep up with the latest technology in your field, and maintain a competitive edge, MOOCs are ideal. 

“It’s this idea of lifelong learning,” Laura explains. “Organizations need their talent to constantly develop, and that includes interpersonal and emotional skills.”

For example, EGADE’s Effective Communication for Today's Leader course teaches participants how to communicate effectively with colleagues by striking the right balance between assertiveness and empathy. 

EGADE is also known for its focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, which is reflected in its MOOCs. 

Through courses like Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship in the Family Business and Organizational Innovation and Creativity, participants learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and innovate both within and outside of corporate structures. 

MOOCs vs business degree?

Due to their short-term and flexible format, MOOCs are much less time-consuming than a full-time business degree. Individual courses at EGADE last four weeks, and require five to eight hours of work a week. 

You can even stack between two and six related courses together, to create a 'program' that lasts between six and seven months—considerably shorter than a conventional business degree.

MOOCs are also much more affordable than a business degree. EGADE’s courses can be accessed for free, with the option to pay a relatively small fee to obtain an official certificate. Prices for individual courses range from $90 to $190, while programs cost up to $800. 

“This is part of our effort to democratize knowledge,” Laura explains. “It’s very important for us to share knowledge with the community, and to be part of the development of society.”

Course content is directly extracted from EGADE’s full-time programs and taught by renowned lecturers and skilled industry experts with years of experience in their respective sectors. 


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Why combine MOOCs with a business degree?

Useful as they are for upskilling, MOOCs are not a replacement for a business degree, which provides more in-depth and wider-ranging knowledge than a short-term course is able to. 

But if a business degree is in the cards for you long-term, MOOCs can help you build a path to get there, and support your career development in the meantime.

When you complete an EGADE MOOC, you’ll acquire academic credits, which means you can enroll in a business degree down the line and already have completed up to 25% of the program. 

“This system of stackable credits offers professionals the opportunity to accumulate different skills, different knowledge, and then maybe two or three years later, get this full degree,” Laura explains. 

So, whether you’re looking to quickly expand your expertise in a specific area for an affordable price or build a wide portfolio of skills to prepare yourself for a business degree in the near future, MOOCs can be a great place to start.