10 Online Business Master’s Programs That Will Accelerate Your Career

There are now a plethora of online MBA and master's programs to pick from. But which are the best for boosting job prospects?

When looking for a job or being considered for a promotion, there are several things taken into account - experience and educational background are considered two of the most influential factors.
There has been an explosion of online MBA and master's courses this year, while Moocs are also gaining ground; graduates can now earn degrees from the comfort of their own homes.
In this article, Jade Benny shares some of the master’s degree programs fit for business degree graduates.

Online Master’s Degrees for Business Graduates

Depending on your undergraduate business course, there are several options available to you:

Master in Business Administration. An MBA program is still considered the most popular degree for business graduates. Why? This is an umbrella of several disciplines in business practices, making it a rounded choice that could help you stand out in several job settings.
The MBA integrates theories and practices in several subjects such as statistics, economics, calculus, management, business law, contracts and information technology, to name but a few.
Because the business world is considered ever-changing, this degree is considered valuable, and it will keep business graduates updated on the latest trends.

Master’s in Accounting. This degree could open up doors for public accounting and corporate accounting careers.

There is now more than one type of master’s degree offered in the field of accounting. Two of these are the Master of Science in Accounting and Master of Accounting. Contrary to the common belief that this can only be completed by graduates who majored in accounting, the latter option is also offered to people who have a liberal arts background. 

Master of Economics. Another promising master’s degree in business is in the field of economics. This may pave the way for an opportunity to work in high-paying jobs such as that of an economist, financial manager and a policy analyst.

In 2012, Forbes reported that someone who is in their mid-career and is a holder of this degree is expected to earn an average salary of $115,000 a year. 

Master of Statistics. Statistics is valued because data analysis has the ability to save a company from making bad financial decisions. This is also considered an important tool in several other fields.

A Master of Statistics could open opportunities for several specific jobs, such as medical statistician, bio-statistician, public health statistician, and bio-mathematician.

For this course, you will be required to at least have completed a mathematics degree or a degree in a similar field.

Master of Finance. This graduate degree can be considered a treasure box - it lets you work in different industries, in several types of positions.

A Master of Finance under your belt could allow you to become a financial planner, pension fund manager, controller, portfolio manager, chief financial officer, financial analyst, stock broker or insurance adjuster.

Master of Management. In management, there are certain skills that you need in order to become more efficient. Some of these are motivational techniques, decision making, project management, and leadership skills. All of these are covered by a Master of Management degree.

Master of Management degrees have flourished in Europe over the past decade. This can be completed in two years’ or one year's time, either through traditional, blended, or online learning. 

Master of Organizational Leadership. Those who are working in leadership positions, or people who are planning to become one should consider studying a Master of Organizational Leadership.

This is designed to equip the student with the management skills to motivate employees. Core courses will include the likes of human resources, financial analysis, psychology, ethics, and team building.

Although a pre-experience degree, some schools require that applicants submit an outline of their work experience. 

Master of Insurance Management. The Master of Insurance Management degree is usually focused on risk management. This program will teach students how to handle possible financial losses in corporate settings.

Students are expected to be adept or at least have a proper understanding of finance and statistics. These are essential - the formation of risk management strategies will need the use of statistical and simulation tools.

Master’s in Entrepreneurship. For business-minded people, this graduate degree is considered the best option. A Master’s in Entrepreneurship will let students learn about how a business is created and developed.

Entrepreneurial skills are taught through case studies and practical applications in real settings. Students may be expected to take up subjects such as sales, product development and design, managerial skills, and negotiation.

Master of Marketing Research. Many companies invest in marketing research, especially when trying to find out the marketability of a product. Although this is considered costly, companies are still willing to invest to protect their assets.

Those who have taken up a Master of Marketing Research degree are considered qualified for this job. A career as a marketing planner or brand manager may also be waiting for a holder of this degree.

The coursework for this program is a combination of subjects that cover management theory, marketing research, abd computer and information systems.

Other Things You Need to Know

Although an online master’s degree will allow you to study in the comfort of your home and allow you to set your own pace, there are still some employers that don’t hire online degree graduates. This may have something to do with the prevalence of newer schools offering such courses.

To secure work, you should consider enrolling at a renowned business school instead. Although the tuition fees could be higher, such a move could give you an edge when looking for a job.

Jade Benny writes for Inspire Education. You can contact her on Google+ or via Twitter: @MsJadeBenny

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