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9 Harvard Business School Online Courses | Explained

Want to take your career to the next level? These online courses from Harvard Business School could be just the ticket

By  Abigail Lister

Thu Sep 3 2020


It’s no surprise that online courses have seen a surge in interest this year as professionals locked-down by coronavirus upskill at home. In April 2020 alone, Harvard Business School’s online courses received five times more visits than in the period of January to March.

With COVID-19 making the jobs market more competitive, even for MBA graduates, it makes sense that people are looking for ways to add to their resumes and stand out from the crowd.

Harvard Business School offers a wealth of courses on its online learning platform HBS Online—covering topics like entrepreneurship, sustainability, analytics, and finance—and any one of them could prove useful in reaching the next step in your career.

Here are nine Harvard Business School online courses to take during lockdown:

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1. CORe (Credential of Readiness)

Price: $2,250

Duration: 10-17 weeks, 8-15 hours per week

HBS’ flagship online course, CORe, is a full introduction to business, consisting of three courses in Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting. This one is marked by its flexibility, allowing you to complete the required three-hour final exam any time, as well as offering different durations and start dates throughout the year. The course is assessed by online coursework alongside case studies centered on companies including Walt Disney, The New York Times, and PepsiCo. The course is aimed at college students, those considering graduate school, and mid-career professionals with business fundamentals.

2. Entrepreneurship Essentials

Price: $1,050

Duration: 4 weeks, 6-8 hours per week

For anyone looking to get a head start with building your own business, the Entrepreneurship Essentials course from HBS is the perfect way to begin. This short, intensive course covers evaluating ideas and assessing the market, raising capital, and identifying risks, with multiple start dates each year so you can pick it up at any stage of your business journey.