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After Online MBA, African Engineer Eyes Top-Level Management Jobs

Henry Ude struggled to find top tier business schools in his native Nigeria. Instead, he decided to pursue Birmingham Business School’s 100%-Online MBA

By  Marco De Novellis

Mon Jul 3 2017

Distance-learning has been credited with the democratization of education. For professionals from emerging economies, the internet has opened access to a level of business education less available locally.

When Nigerian Henry Ude decided to pursue an MBA, he struggled to find a local business school that fit his needs. Instead, he opted for an Online MBA from Birmingham Business School - the world’s first fully-online MBA to be accredited by AMBA.

The University of Birmingham is part of the UK Russell Group; famed for its expert faculty and high level of academic research. Birmingham’s Online MBA is positioned as a direct alternative to the school’s full-time MBA program. When Henry graduates from Birmingham’s Online MBA, he’ll receive the same certificate from Africa, as students on the full-time course in the UK.

Prior to his MBA, Henry worked for Schlumberger – the world's largest oilfield services company – for six years as a senior field specialist. He currently works as a team lead for one of the major oil and gas multinationals in Nigeria.

An experienced oil and gas industry engineer, Henry’s aiming to break into management and take his career to the next level with Birmingham’s Online MBA. Every fortnight, he connects with students and professors from around the world in an immersive online learning environment. The ‘live sessions’ are two and a quarter hours long.

Why did you decide to pursue Birmingham’s Online MBA?

Local universities in my country are not among the top-ranked internationally. Birmingham’s Online MBA will enhance my opportunity to change my career path towards management and prepare me with the required knowledge to handle management positions.

The flexibility of the Online MBA was one of my motivating factors, enabling me to continue my current work while I study. My presence is not required on campus, but I can attain the same degree.

What stands out from your Online MBA experience so far?

Birmingham’s Online MBA has provided me with a similar level of interactivity and networking opportunities as those of a classroom-based course. I get the opportunity to interact with my MBA colleagues on a daily or weekly basis as required. Most importantly, the live connect sessions create the opportunity to interact with the instructors as well.

What have you gained?

The program has helped me in my current role as a team lead. For example, I have a better understanding in terms of identifying problems and possible solutions, using some of the frameworks from the operations management module.

How will the Online MBA help you in the future?

In many ways! The Online MBA will give me with the required basis of management principles before taking up new management jobs. The degree obtained will give me the required qualification for this new career path.