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The Best Online MBA Real Estate Programs

Do you dream of heading up your own real estate empire? These Online MBA real estate programs could be your ticket to to the top

Wed Aug 18 2021

New property development, smart cities, dream homes in the Caribbean—real estate is an exciting industry to work in with impressive salaries to match.

Real estate agents can earn over $100,000 per year and MBA graduates in real estate management positions have the potential to boost their salaries further.

Whether you’re looking to break into the industry for the first time, or accelerate your existing real estate career, an Online MBA could be just what you need.

One of the key perks of Online MBA programs is that you get to apply what you learn in real-time, while still earning—especially valuable in the fast-paced real estate industry.

Here are some of the best Online MBA real estate programs. These business schools offer specialized Online MBAs in real estate or concentrations and courses focused on the sector.

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1. University of North Carolina, Kenan-Flagler Business School

e87fcaafbfb8a6e94e3dbb92664c85c45c939c6f.jpeg ©UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School / Facebook

Online MBA Cost: $126,000

Residential component? Yes

UNC Kenan-Flagler is a school that is known for its real estate programs. According to the school, 10-12% of full-time MBAs complete a concentration in real estate.

They get to take advantage of the UNC Real Estate Conference, as well as other resources including specialized case competitions, investment funds, and immersion electives.

Although the school’s distance learning MBA doesn’t explicitly offer the same concentration as its full-time counterpart, many of the same resources are available to MBAs who choose distance learning. The degree is easily tailored toward interest in real estate through the use of electives and additional courses.

Add to this that UNC’s Online MBA program is ranked fourth in the world by the Financial Times and it deserves its place among the best Online MBA Real Estate programs.

2. Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business

ef567a2389a1600a19ab4bdda3275bb99682a370.jpeg ©Georgetown McDonough School of Business / Facebook

Online MBA Cost: $135,000

Residential component? Yes

Georgetown University is home to the Steers Center for Global Real Estate, which offers industry-specific alumni mentoring, global networking for internships, career advice, and much more. 

The Flex MBA is modeled closely on the school’s full-time program, taught by the same faculty and following the same courses. This means that, like their full-time colleagues, not only can Online MBA students at McDonough access resources at the Steers Center, but they can also pursue the same courses. These range from Real Estate Private Equity to Real Estate Development. 

At $135,000, it’s the priciest Online MBA on this list, but with the resources available to you as a distance learner, it could be the ideal investment.

3. Florida State University College of Business

500dfca5c34e4c94dd6e2a0cc18282f5fdadb8ac.jpeg © Florida State University - College of Business

Online MBA Cost: $31,000 out-of-state

Residential Component? No

If you want to marry affordability with flexibility, Florida State University should be on your list of target schools. Its distance learning MBA is part-time and fully online to allow you to easily fit your studies around your work commitments. The program only costs an estimated $31,000 for out-of-state students.

In order to specialize, students must take three real estate-focused specialization electives, in valuation, finance, and investment, alongside the MBA’s other core courses, which include modules on strategy and business policy.

US News & World Report ranked Florida State in the top fifty MBA programs in the United States, so it’s a good-value option if you’re looking for a 100% online program at a low cost.

4. UCLA Anderson School of Management

d7e6d03b0c25af15972d8614b6cc042d6e56fc2d.jpeg ©UCLA Anderson School of Management / Facebook

Online MBA Cost: $129,000

Residential component? Yes

The Fully Employed MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management is a high-powered MBA for professionals with high-powered ambitions.

The program focuses on real estate financing and investing as well as development, and interdisciplinary curiosity is encouraged. In addition to the compulsory Urban Real Estate Financing and Investing course, students are required to select three additional real estate electives to qualify for the specialization. They’re also encouraged to seek out courses in other departments.

Offered alongside the school’s part-time MBA, in which students convene on either Saturdays or weekday evenings, the hybrid format of the flexible MBA requires students to attend campus for one weekend every three weeks, while the remainder of the teaching takes place online.

On the MBA's capstone project, you could work with an international tech company, or with startups through the project’s business creation option. You could also end up managing an investment fund alongside your peers. All of these options foster transferable business skills that will be well-placed within the real estate industry.

5. James Lind Institute, Rushford Business School

084b0868e7a1d8ebe1bb02f66c6b7fb549903802.jpeg ©James Lind Insitute / Facebook

Online MBA Cost: $11,000 

Residential component? Yes

Triple accredited by Swiss Eduqua, ACBSP, and IACBE, this 16-month Online MBA attracts new professionals with experience in investment, finance, and property management.

Rushford’s MBA in Real Estate Management offers 28 courses to its students in subjects ranging from Managerial Economics to Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, & Law. The course stresses socio-economic, geopolitical, and environmental effects on real estate investments and the property market. 

If you’re looking for a business school with great networking opportunities, Rushford offers workshops, internships, and site visits at renowned real estate firms. The Online MBA also includes an optional two-week in-person concentration in Geneva, where you can meet and network with students, faculty, and other key stakeholders. 

6) University College of Estate Management (UCEM), Reading

eb9d52fbdbb5ba2bdefe231c99b2c643ec5bdfcf.png © University College of Estate Management / Facebook

Cost: $15,000

Residential component? No

If you’re an experienced real estate professional who wants to advance to a managerial position, UCEM’s MBA in Construction and Real Estate is the right fit for you. The 2-year, part-time course is fully online. It combines core management subjects such as Strategic Management of Change with key electives in Property Transactions or Valuations and Ethics. 

You can make the most of UCEM’s career services up to three years after graduation. Currently, 98% of graduates find a job within 15 months of graduating. Graduates from UCEM go on to work for top real estate employers including CBRE, Mace Group, and Asda Stores Ltd. 

With a median salary of $120,000 for students after 15 months of graduating, UCEM’s program is great for those wishing to enroll in an affordable course with a high return on investment (ROI).

7) Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University

dcaa3f994e81db99a00e9f64910a819da7059cd7.jpeg ©Rice Business - Jones Graduate School of Business / Facebook

Cost: $110,000

Residential component? Yes

The Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business Online MBA is ranked by Poets & Quants as the third-best MBA Program for Real Estate. The course offers real estate electives in Capital Markets, as well as in Development and Disruption in Commercial Real Estate. 

Once enrolled in these electives, you can also join the school’s Real Estate Club. The club works together with the business school’s career development office to enable you to make the most of your MBA and quickly progress in your career. 

Located in Houston, Texas, the club has extensive contacts in real estate firms across the state. Graduates have gone on to work for well-known real estate firms including JLL, CBRE, and Westfield. A great location for real estate professionals, Jones Graduate School of Business will provide you with an extensive list of company contacts.  

8) George Washington University School of Business


©The George Washington University / Facebook

Cost: $100,000

Residential Component: Yes

Ranked within the Top 20 Best Online MBA Programs by US News & World Report, the George Washington University MBA is also accredited by AACSB. 

Although the MBA is fully online, the course offers an optional four-day residency course in Washington DC, enabling you to get to know the faculty and increase your business contacts. GWU’s campus is located just moments away from the White House and the World Bank, in the heart of Washington DC.

Although the initial cost of the course may seem pricey, George Washington University School of Business promises its students a high ROI. Due to the school’s placement in one of the most active commercial real estate markets across the globe, it’s a great destination for experienced professionals looking to make a personal and professional investment with their studies.

This article was written by Caroline Hug & Amy Hughes

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Student Reviews

Georgetown: McDonough School of Business





GWU - excellent investment for future

George Washington University is a good respected institution with strong programs in various studies, including project management, international affairs, politics, medicine and etc. The university provides students with good opportunities for internships and networking. GWU has a diverse student body and a reputation for academic excellence.




On Campus

Safety on campus

I have had an amazing experience at Georgetown University. The classes are enjoyable, the professors are exceptional, and I feel like I am receiving a worthwhile education. The people and faculty at this institution are extraordinary, and I have discovered my true self while being here. Additionally, I always feel secure on campus, as it is the safest place in town.




On Campus

Georgetown is on top!

I've been enjoying this school so far. I wouldn't alter it, despite the fact that the school is on a hill and that it requires a lot of walking to get around it. For minority and first-generation students, there are a ton of services available. Even though the usual dorm rooms are modest, there is still plenty of area for storage. We have a ton of alternatives every day in the dining halls since they provide so many different dishes from so many different cultures




On Campus

Physical and mental health

Georgetown is my second home. The pre-professional counselors are incredibly helpful, and I feel supported and inspired to pursue my aspirations. We are certainly ranked as the top research university in the nation. They place a high priority on the development of the students as well as their physical and mental well-being.




On Campus

Wonderful university

Georgetown University is wonderful. The school's amazing diversity is one of its greatest strengths. The athletes are extremely committed to their sport, and the campus is amazing. The dorms are excellent! They are comfortable and spacious. If you ever find yourself bored on campus, you can always go off campus; it's fantastic. You'll never get bored dining in the cafeteria because the food is so delicious on campus.




On Campus


The university's academics are what really set it apart; the lecturers are kind and motivating. Although it can be challenging to connect with the majority of students because they are so intense and competitive, social life and student life are what you make of them. It is undoubtedly a very difficult four years that are challenging to get through. But in the end, it strengthens you and provides you with a wealth of knowledge and incredible prospects.




On Campus

Fantastic university

Georgetown university is a Fantastic university. The professors are outstanding, there are lots of ways to participate in campus life, and there are numerous groups and organizations where students can get involved. The campus is lovely and always kept clean, and there are people are willing to assist you 24 hours a day whenever you need help.




On Campus

Review of Georgetown university

Being at Georgetown university has been one of my best experiences. The Professors are knowledgeable, approachable, and very helpful. You will fall in love with Georgetown because of its daily activities, the vibrant students you will encounter, the food served on campus, and the lush surroundings. The housing and dorms are fantastic. There is no better place than Georgetown University if you’re looking to study, discover new things, make lifelong friends, and have fun!




On Campus

Academically challenging institution

Georgetown University is certainly an academically challenging institution, however, if you ask for assistance when you need it, the workload can be managed. Students are happy to assist one another, and most Professor want you to succeed. Student life is vibrant, the location is excellent and everyone here is friendly and welcoming.




On Campus

4 Years as an Expat at Georgetown University

Georgetown University provided an exceptional environment for my academic journey as an expat from Italy. As someone who initially felt apprehensive about moving to a new country, Georgetown quickly alleviated my concerns and made my transition incredibly smooth. One of the standout features of Georgetown is its diverse and welcoming community, particularly for international students. The campus is teeming with students from various corners of the globe, fostering a rich cultural tapestry that made me feel right at home. The vibrant campus life and numerous extracurricular activities offered ample opportunities to connect with fellow students, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling university experience. Georgetown's unique setting within the heart of Washington, DC, adds another layer to its charm. While the university is situated in the bustling city, the campus in the historic area of Georgetown provides a distinct and almost intimate atmosphere. This blend creates a truly unique feel and contributes to an unforgettable educational experience. Initially enrolled in the College with a desire to major in Linguistics and minor in Art & Journalism, I appreciated the flexibility and openness of the Georgetown education system. After my freshman year, I discovered my true passion lay in Marketing and International Business. The university's seamless transfer process allowed me to transition to the McDonough Business School, where I found the perfect fit for my academic aspirations. Georgetown's commitment to helping students explore and find their academic niche is indeed one of its most commendable qualities. The ability to explore various subjects before settling on a major is a testament to the university's dedication to fostering individual growth and success. The journey from Linguistics to Marketing & International Business exemplifies the beauty of a Georgetown education — a dynamic and supportive environment where students can discover and pursue their true passions. In conclusion, Georgetown University provided not only a top-notch academic education but also a transformative and enriching experience. From the welcoming international community to the unique campus setting and the flexibility to explore diverse academic paths, Georgetown stands out as a beacon of higher education that truly caters to the individual journey of each student.