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Distance Learning MBAs Build Team Skills

Open University Business School’s Associate Dean says that distance learning enhances team-work skills

Doing a distant learning MBA can enhance your team skills and your ability to work independently says Mike Lucas, Associate Dean of the Open University Business School.

Motivating yourself to study while fulfilling other commitments is obviously an exercise in working independently but, argues Lucas, using new technologies to collaborate with other students is also useful. You learn to work as a team with people who aren’t in the same country, or even continent as you – an essential skill in today’s globalised workplace.

Lucas adds also says that alumni of Open University Business School have experienced a positive impact on their careers “almost immediately”. For Lucas, the triple accredited status and the fact that the MBA program doesn’t require students to take time off work to study are the main reason for its success.

Watch the video for more highlights of the Open University MBA program.

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Monday 27th June 2011, 14.12 (UTC)


having worked with teams in India and Malaysia using skype whileliving in nyc i can attest that working remotely and as a team is double the challenge!

Monday 27th June 2011, 17.59 (UTC)


I think it is an important point to be made: nowadays business is carried out on an international scale so having this kind of experience will truly prove invaluable.

Friday 30th September 2011, 06.15 (UTC)


Lucas has made one very pertinent point. The world has become a global village and more so than ever in the workplace. A lot of companies have presence in different parts of the world and this necessitates collaboration across borders. Given this context, the skill to work with people who are not physically present in the same office becomes necessary and if an MBA degree is all that stands between you and that dream role, then why wait? Enroll for an online MBA degree today and watch it take your career places. http://www.independence.edu/business/masters/business-administration

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