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Indiana Kelley Online MBA Review | Curriculum, Cost, and Application

Want to earn a top-ranked US MBA? We deep-dive into the Indiana Kelley Direct Online MBA curriculum, admission requirements, and costs

Thu Sep 14 2023

If you want to study a top-ranked US MBA from anywhere in the world, the Indiana Kelley School of Business Direct Online MBA might be for you. The program is ranked number one by US News—alongside the University of North Carolina (UNC) Kenan-Flagler Online MBA. 

The Kelley Direct Online MBA offers a highly customizable degree, with half the program being made up of elective courses. 

The majority of the program is studied online, but students also take part in two in-person courses. These take place on the Kelley campus in Indiana and in another US city of choice. 

Interested in finding out more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Indiana Kelley Online MBA. 

Kelley Online MBA curriculum

Alongside core courses that cover topics in business fundamentals, Kelley Online MBA students can choose from a diverse range of electives to tailor their degree to their career ambitions. 

Elective courses include majors in Strategy and Leadership, Supply Chain and Operations, and Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation. 

At the start of the program, students travel to Indiana University’s Bloomington campus for an introduction to the program and chance to meet their cohort. 

In the second year, students can choose another US city to explore. This is an opportunity to dive into a new business environment and learn more about their industry on a wider scale. 

When studying online, the Kelley Direct Online MBA connects students from 40 states and 12 international countries in weekly live classes. These classes take place in the evenings (EDT time zone). 

While students are encouraged to tune in live to join in with discussions and connect with their cohort and professors, all classes are recorded to allow for flexibility. 

Michela Cantiello joined the program while she was living in Bloomington, Indiana. She was the managing director of Avogadro—a research organization for human and veterinary pharmaceutical development. 

Despite moving to France during the program, she was still able to participate. Understanding difficulties with time differences, one of Michela’s professors even repeated courses on Saturdays. 

“Flexibility for me was the most important factor in my decision,” says Michela.  

Indiana Kelley Online MBA cost 

Tuition fees for the Kelley Direct Online MBA are $88,320. 

Additionally, students will pay program fees of $2,000 which covers the cost of the required in-person courses including hotels, most meals, and course materials. 

Kelley Direct offers up to $25,000 in scholarships for Online MBA students. Students are also encouraged to apply for a range of third-party scholarships, such as the Forté Fellowship or ROMBA Fellowship. 

Hear from Kelley Online MBA alumni 

As a managing director, it was not possible for Michela to take time out of work to study full-time. However, she wanted to broaden her expertise across all business functions to become a more effective leader. 

“I was applying the skills from the program every day, from how to create a marketing strategy to how to approach accounting. Although I had people in these departments, I finally could speak their languages,” she says. 

When choosing electives, Michela could fill her gaps even further. She chose a course focused on crisis management. When an unexpected crisis happened at her company during the program, she knew exactly how to respond. 

Studying online gave Michela the flexibility to move country and company part-way through her degree and continue the program. Typically, 85% of students on the program start a new role or receive a promotion while enrolled. 

She took on a new role with Eurofins PSS Insourcing Solutions—a professional services company that sources scientific staff for pharmaceutical companies to help develop life-saving medicines. 

Michela is managing director of both France and Italy regions and is responsible for growing revenue and developing talent. 

“The MBA taught me how to lead remotely which is helping me to grow the company across new regions. It’s so enriching to see the skills I gained put into action and pay off,” she says. 

Indiana Kelley Online MBA requirements

As with all MBA application processes, the goal of admissions teams is to find out more about your career goals and values to see if you align with what they’re looking for. 

Especially for well-recognized programs such as the Kelley Online MBA, you’ll need to impress in all stages of the application. 

In the first phase of the Kelley Direct Online MBA application process, candidates must complete the online application form. This asks for details about your work experience and educational background. You’ll need an up-to-date resume.  

If the admissions team decides you are a strong fit for the Online MBA, you will move to phase two. 

This involves submitting another application for the Indiana University Graduate School, which will include a personal statement and recommendation letters. 

Applicants also need to submit a GMAT or GRE score and official transcripts. International applicants, whose native language is not English, will need to take an English language proficiency exam. 

All applicants chosen for Phase two will be invited for a 30-minute phone interview. 

The priority application deadline for the Indiana Kelley Direct Online MBA is November 15.