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Is A Part-Time MBA Worth It?

Part-time MBAs allow you to advance your career without taking time off work, but the cost is often similar to full-time MBA programs. So is a part-time MBA worth it?

Tue Aug 18 2020


It isn't always feasible to take a year or two out of the workplace to study a full-time MBA. In this case, you have two main options: you can study an Online MBA or you can opt for a part-time MBA, with in-person classes often on evenings and weekends.

The part-time MBA has seen its popularity ebb and flow in the last few years. With more sophisticated online delivery methods coming to the fore, many part-time options offer online study alongside in-person learning sessions.

For the busy professional, the part-time delivery model can be beneficial. But is a part-time MBA worth the investment?

Part-time MBA | Cost

Because part-time MBA programs usually cover the same content as a school’s full-time program—just over a longer period of time—the cost of a part-time degree compared with the cost of a full-time MBA doesn’t vary dramatically.

For example, Chicago Booth’s Evening and Weekend MBA programs cost the same as the school’s full-time, two-year program, at $146,880. Temple University’s Fox School of Business charges $57,024 for its part-time MBA, which is slightly less than the $64,152 and $67,230 it costs in-state and out-of-state students, respectively, for the school’s full-time Global MBA.

Imperial College Business School charges marginally less for its Weekend MBA program compared to its full-time program. ESMT Berlin’s Part-Time MBA in Business Innovation costs roughly $7,000 less than the school's full-time program. And MIP Politecnico di Milano has a part-time and full-time version of its International MBA, which cost about the same.

Because of the financial setback, if you’re looking at a part-time MBA you should consider what you're most looking to gain from the program. Do you value the MBA network more than the knowledge? Do you want to make a career change or advance your career within the same company. Those choices will help you decide between a full-time or part-time program.

One key difference between full-time and part-time MBA programs is the flexibility of the part-time MBA. A part-time MBA will stretch your finances the same way a full-time program would, but you will be earning at the same time.

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