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How I Launched My Career With A Top Consulting Firm After A Global Master's Degree

Find out how Baptiste Martin, consultant at EY-Fabernovel, launched his successful corporate career after pursuing a degree at EDHEC Business School.


Fri Dec 16 2022

Baptiste Martin grew up in the suburbs of Paris. After completing his French preparatory studies, he decided to enroll at business school to launch his career.

Baptiste opted for the Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) program at EDHEC Business School. Part of EDHEC’s Master in Management (MiM) offering, the GETT is a two-year program focused on international business that provides students with three qualifications from institutions in Paris, South Korea and the US.

The variety of opportunities he gained at EDHEC helped Baptiste launch a successful corporate career. Now he works as a consultant in corporate strategy and design for international consulting agency, EY-Fabernovel.

Why a Global Master’s Degree?

After completing his preparatory studies, Baptiste felt compelled to explore the fields of finance and innovation and decided a business school would offer the chance to do so. 

He felt EDHEC was a top school that could help fulfil his ambition, with a strong reputation for financial training offering a clear career path for students. 

“I was interested in exploring finance and innovation. This course from EDHEC perfectly fitted these interests,” Baptiste explains.

He was attracted to the international aspect of the EDHEC course. The GETT program gives you the chance to study at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea, and the University of California Berkeley, alongside EDHEC in Paris.

As highly regarded business schools across the globe, Baptiste felt that the course would be a great asset for his future career development. A total of 92% of graduates from the GETT program land international careers after graduation. 

“It had a strong international exposition and track record that is quite clear compared to other business schools,” Baptiste explains. 

“I had a chance to study in three top schools in some of the world's top innovative cities that are all very different in terms of educative spirit, ways of living, and location.”

Studying a global business degree at EDHEC 

The GETT is a program covering key advanced concepts in information technology, innovation, and business development. GETT graduates gain three qualifications for completing the program. 

They are: a Master in Management degree (Diplôme Grande École) from EDHEC, a Master in Management studies from SKK Graduate School of Business at Sungkyunkwan University, and a Diploma in Global Economic Transformation & Technology from the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business.  

The program reveals how developments in these areas have transformed the world of international business, and equips you with the skills to help you thrive in a modern business environment. 

GETT students gain a core understanding of recent developments in technology and business transformation, they also get the chance to design creative strategies for business success. The program's global focus means you have the chance to learn about international business markets, and you can even learn Korean.  

Baptiste has fond memories of learning from expert professors, including a former Goldman Sachs executive in South Korea and well-known Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. 

Studying at both SKK and Berkeley also gave him the opportunity to connect with Korean firms such as the leading car manufacturer, Kia, and to pitch his ideas to American venture capitalists. 

Such international opportunities mean the GETT draws people from all over the world, from a wide range of sectors and functions. 

Studying the program allowed Baptiste to work with students from professions including engineering, design, and even science, each with different skills and interests to his own. 

“It was like a small ecosystem of international students from different backgrounds which was really exciting,” he explains. 

Baptiste feels that exposure to such a diverse cohort helped him become more adaptable, which provided good preparation for his career.

Launching a top consulting career 

Baptiste began his career before graduating from EDHEC, when he landed a six-month project management internship with EY-Fabernovel. 

After graduating, he decided to join Ey-Fabernovel again for a full-time job, enthusiastic about the innovative subjects he had dealt with and animated by the excellent internal culture.

Now 18 months later, Baptiste spends his days working with a wide range of clients, advising on corporate strategy and design. 

“I help companies develop business strategy in relation to innovation, then I help them develop the right innovation governance in order to scale,” he explains. 

“I work with all stakeholders—executive committee members and senior management, business units and operational staff, shareholders and financial analysts—to make sure they have a positive perception of this innovation and that they can value it.” 

Baptiste feels the GETT provided him with in-depth financial, entrepreneurial and marketing training which he has been able to apply to his career. 

He also regularly relies on the skills and fundamental business knowledge he covered during his course when required to understand new markets, analyze international trends, and work with new clients.

Reflecting on the impact the program has had so far in his career, Baptiste feels the GETT gave him the foundation to excel. 

“I am glad that I did the course because it aligned well with my interest in innovation, and it helped put me on the right path.”