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Heart Monitor Device Wins Bath MBA Entrepreneurship In Action Competition

A heart attack triggers automated call to emergency services through the patient's smartphone

Students on the Bath MBA showcased their business ideas for a panel of judges recently, in the culmination of this year’s Entrepreneurship in Action project, an integral part of the Bath MBA programme.

The competition, which is financially supported by Santander Universities, requires teams to develop integrated business plans for an entrepreneurial start-up of their own design.

This year the first prize of £3000 was awarded to full-time MBA team, LifePAL.The team’s business idea was the development of a heart-monitoring device which could significantly reduce delays in a person reaching hospital after a heart attack.

In the event of a heart attack, the device sends an automatic distress alert to the patient’s smartphone, which in turn initiates contact with a dedicated call centre providing the patient’s details, location and electrocardiogram (ECG) reading. The call centre is then able to notify the nearest emergency service so the patient can be reached as quickly as possible.

The LifePAL team members were: Yu-Ming Chang, Salimata Diallo, Ignacio Dorrego, Cherylenne Lim, Dmitriy Lipich, Muhannad Maksousa, Derek Waruhiu and Heba Younis.

The runner-up prize of £1000 went to Executive MBA team, Acespace. Their business concept was to connect those who were looking for space with those who had space available, therefore “unlocking the potential of under-used space for commercial gain”.

The Acespace team were: Amar Basma, Marcus Crabbe, Laura Janes, Stephen Lodge, Iain Milne and Dan Rees Jones.
This year’s judging panel were: Richard Sollis, Relationship Manager, Santander Business Banking; Bath Entrepreneurs in Residence Malcolm Lewis and Margaret Heffernan; and Simon Bond, Director of Innovation and Networks at Bath Ventures, the University of Bath’s IP commercialisation group. Simon was also the leader of the Entrepreneurship in Action module.

Simon Bond said:

"The judges of this year's competition were thrilled by the quality and creativity of all the teams' presentations. However, the LifePAL team - whose business plan offered a mobilised monitoring service for people in danger of suffering a heart attack - was particularly outstanding. Elegantly combining product and service revenues with a clear opportunity to scale into a substantial business, LifePAL was a worthy winner this year."

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