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Warwick Business School Reveals “Over-achieving” Football Managers

Sensible management leads to substantial financial returns for football clubs

As the football clubs in England prepare for this month’s season finale, Warwich Business School’s Dr Sue Bridgewater published a new table of “over-achieving” football managers to outlet their achievements on and off the football field with relatively limited financial and personnel resources.

Three English managers, Stoke City’s Tony Pulis, FC Twente’s Steve McClaren and Blackburn Rovers’ Sam Allardyce, take the top three slots in Dr Bridgewater’s table.


Warwick Business School's Dr Sue Bridgewater

In her new book, Football Management, Dr Bridgewater calculated the extent to which managers out-perform what might be expected with the players at their disposal. In all cases their performance is based only their league management performance.

Pulis successfully guided unfashionable Stock City to Premier League survival for two consecutive years; McClaren won the Dutch league title for FC Twente (which means they automatically qualify for next season's UEFA Champions League) for the first time in their history; and Allardyce took Blackburn to a highly ten-place finish this season after just 16-month in charge.

Playing in the lucrative English Premier League and Champions League can bring tens of million pounds revenue for football clubs. 

Lancaster Celebrates 20th anniversary of MBA program

Lancaster University Management School on Thursday announced it is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its MBA program, which is ranked in the world’s top 30 MBA programs.

Its full-time program accepts up to 75 students each year from countries around the world with many alumni going on to take senior executive positions in some of the world’s most successful companies, charities and public sector organizations.

The MBA program draws on work in organizational and managerial learning developed at LUMS and has been designed around the concept of learning through action. As a result, students not only focus on functional knowledge but on self-knowledge, and often gain a more reflective perspective on the process of management and leadership.