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Diversity Is The Spice Of Life At London's Cass Business School

An international classroom enhances the learning experience, say Cass Business School MBAs

Fri Aug 19 2016

An MBA is not just for balling investment bankers and slick strategy consultants. A diverse classroom enhances the learning experience. “Being around people with different experiences, backgrounds and nationalities gave me a holistic view of business,” says Roberto Venegas, a Chilean MBA graduate of Cass Business School in London.

At Cass, the full-time MBA cohort is made up of 30 nationalities from the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin and North America, among other regions.

Below, three Cass MBAs from diverse countries and backgrounds say why they chose the top-ranked program.

Roberto Venegas — MBA 15

Roberto Venegas holds a master’s degree in behavioural sciences and, before enrolling in the Cass MBA last year, spent two years as an advisor to the Presidency of the Republic of Chile.

He says he wanted to see business “from a different angle”. “In this respect, Cass has done an excellent job,” Roberto says — his class comes from 16 industries, from law and aviation to hospitality and healthcare. He says: “Besides the quality of the cohort, the chance to learn from them is impossible to quantify.”

Not only did Roberto learn from an international grouping but from opportunities to travel abroad. He visited Iceland, for instance, for a consultancy project — one of several opportunities to incorporate theory into real business situations. Roberto says: “This leads us to not only use our course knowledge, but also to learn from the different backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences of our group members.”

Andrew Whelan — MBA 13

Opportunities to travel while on the MBA are numerous, agrees Andrew Whelan, an American who, prior to starting his degree in 2012, made waves in the music business and became CEO of a non-profit.

“It seemed like an enriching opportunity to move to a new, international hub for business and innovation, rather than stay in my comfort zone of Los Angeles,” he says. He adds: “The international strategy consulting project and opportunity to study for three weeks at the partner campus in Dubai made the MBA feel much more like I was building the future I wanted, rather than doing an academic exercise.”

London’s international standing in established industries such as banking, private equity, and venture capital also proved alluring. “An MBA literally couldn’t ask for a better position. The balance of culture, industry and innovation placed London as the clear number-one destination for my MBA.”

Since graduating, Andrew’s landed an MBA job at Accenture.

Kandhasamy Muthu — MBA 16

By the time Kandhasamy Muthu began his MBA in London, the Indian entrepreneur had been running Singaporean e-commerce start-up auraas.com for two years.

“Excellent opportunities are available for MBA candidates with entrepreneurial ambitions,” he says. For instance, the Peter Cullum Centre for Entrepreneurship provides £10 million worth of funds for budding entrepreneurs, and Cass also sponsors entrepreneurs for visas.

For an international founder, the chance to network with global business managers also stood out. Kandhasamy says: “There are 34 nationalities among the 74 students in my batch. As we work in groups, it becomes evident how valuable it is to have diversity and different perspectives in management.”

It’s the international electives, however, from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas, as well as to China and South Africa, which have proved most valuable. Kandhasamy chose Dubai: “It was an insightful elective; an impressive range of company visits had been arranged,” he says.