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Bayes Business School

Taught in a truly global context, our MBA programmes are a mix of self-discovery, combining classroom and experiential learning. With an extensive range of international electives and International Consultancy Week locations, students participate in immersive experiences in dynamic markets and business cultures. The Leadership Expedition pushes boundaries and further nurtures the explorer’s mindset. Using skills and knowledge developed on our MBA programmes, Cass students are well prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.
The Bayes Full-Time MBA course is a challenging 12-month journey combining intensive learning and practical application that will sharpen your performance and give you the clarity to design the next decisive phase of your career.
We have two Executive MBA programmes based in London taught in different formats over 24 months. The Evening Executive MBA is taught twice a week in the evenings (Tuesday and Thursday) while our Modular Executive MBA is taught over a long weekend (Friday-Monday) once a month. These programmes are for committed and ambitious managers who want to accelerate their career development whilst continuing full-time employment.
We also have our Executive MBA in Dubai which is a two-year programme delivered in a monthly block weekend format to accommodate busy working professionals from the region. Operating from the Dubai International Financial Centre of Excellence, the programme has become one of the world’s elite Executive MBA programmes since its launch in 2007 and continues to grow from strength to strength.

“It’s a door to the rest of the world.” From multicultural networking to sand-biking in Dubai, discover the unique ways an MBA in London can teach you to be a better business leader

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The Executive MBA at Bayes Business School gave this healthcare exec tools to tackle the challenges of the pandemic and level up in her career

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Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) supports its MBAs well after graduation with lifelong learning opportunities—helping them stay competitive, and grow as leaders

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New scholarships, induction workshops, and a curriculum review—Bayes Business School, of City, University of London, has changed more than its name, explains Deputy Dean Caroline Wiertz

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Bayes Business School is ranked 3 rd best in London and 6 th in the UK according to the Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2022.

The full-time MBA is an intensive 12-month journey that will fundamentally change the way in which students approach business and their career. During the year you will be given the tools to develop, manage and motivate people through effective leadership. The programme introduces a range of theory and frameworks associated with modern business to develop your strategic thinking, leadership and entrepreneurial skills. We believe in experiential learning and you will be immersed in practical projects throughout the year to put theory into practice. You will work collaboratively on projects with real business clients and be expected to plan, strategise and deliver real solutions.

Bayes provides a truly global outlook with a wide range of international electives. You can choose to go to the US for exposure to some of the major players in business and the surging tech start-up scene, or gain first-hand exposure to challenging business environments such as China, Dubai and South Africa. There is no better preparation for the demands of management in the modern world.

Bayes is the only leading business school to have a campus situated between the City of London and Tech City. Our unique location between where the Bank of England are neighbours to cutting-edge start-ups with unicorn status means your networking opportunities are endless.

Bayes was formerly known as Cass Business School until September 2021.

Application Deadlines

Round 1  - 25th September 2022                 

Round 2  - 06th November 2022                  

Round 3  - 08th January 2023                       

Round 4  - 12th February 2023 

Round 5  - 26th March 2023 

Round 6 * - 07th May 2023 

Round 7 - 18th June 2023 

Round 8 **  - Rolling applications 

* If you require a student visa it is strongly recommended you apply by round 6 in order to have enough time to prepare your visa application and complete the process. 

** Rolling applications will only run if there are still places available.

  • Start date: September 2023
  • Average age: 29
  • Average GMAT score: 654
  • Average work experience in years: 5
  • Class size: 50
  • Fees: £48,000
  • Course length in months: 12
  • Employed graduates: 80% of those seeking employment were offered a job within 3 months of graduating (Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2022)
  •  Rankings: 4th globally for Corporate Strategy (Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2022) and 2 nd in the UK and 4 th globally for Entrepreneurship (Poets&Quants World’s Best MBA Programmes for Entrepreneurship 2023)
  • Female %: 54%
  • International students: 98 %
  • Nationalities: 26
  • Scholarships: Bayes High Potential Award, Entrepreneurship Award, International Awards, Women in Business Award, Global Women’s Leadership Award. Each of these awards offer up to 30% towards tuition fees. More information can be found on our website: time/fees-and-funding/scholarships

The Executive MBA in Dubai is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals who want to progress in their career while they continue to work. For this reason the programme is delivered over one long weekend a month, from Thursday – Sunday at our campus the DIFC in Dubai. The programme takes 20 months to complete and begins in January every year.

Bayes is global in it’s outlook. Students are taught by London and Dubai based faculty, ensuring you are taught by experts covering the core business topics like finance, HR, marketing, strategy, business analytics and entrepreneurship. In the second part of your programme, you have the option to tailor your MBA by choosing from a range of electives, many of which are international such as the Bayes London Symposium.

Developing your skills as well as your knowledge is a key objective for the MBA. We value experiential learning and from day one, you will work collaboratively on real business projects. This ensures you put your knowledge into practice and can apply what you have learnt in your workplace straight away. Bayes Business School was formerly known as Cass Business School. 

Bayes’ flagship campus is based between the City of London and Tech City.

School snapshot statistics 


  • Bayes Business School is among the global elite of business schools that hold the gold standard of 'triple crown' accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS
  • Permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority: The academic qualifications granted by this institution and certified by KHDA are recognised in the Emirate of Dubai by all public and private entities for all purposes. 

Start date: January 

Application deadlines: 

Round 1 March 2023 

Round 2 May 2023 

Round 3 July 2023 

Round 4 September 2023 

Round 5 October 2023 

Round 6 November 2023 

  • Start date: January 
  • Average age: 34 
  • Average work experience in years: 10 
  • Class size: 20 
  • Fees: £51,500 (inclusive of 5% VAT) 
  • Course length in months: 20 
  • Female: 15% 
  • Nationalities: 14
  • Scholarships: Bayes High Potential Award, Professional Excellence, Women in Business Award, Global Women’s Leadership Award. Each of these awards offer up to 20% towards tuition fees. More information can be found on our website: funding/scholarships

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Telephone: +44 (0)20 7040 8877 


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School Location

Admission Requirements

Admissions requirements differ depending on your programme of choice. Please refer to our website for details.

CV Review:Click here to submit your CV to find out your eligibility for our MBA programmes

Brochure download: Click here to download our MBA programme brochures

MBA events: Our MBA programme events are a great way to find out more about our programmes. Click here to register for one of our events

Scholarships: Various awards available, click here for more information.

The Bayes Modular Executive MBA is designed for people who would like to move into senior leadership and c-suite positions. It is offered part-time over two years, allowing busy professionals to balance study and work commitments with their personal lives. Students study on campus in London for three consecutive from Friday – Sunday once a month, with supplementary live online sessions delivered on a Saturday two weeks after class.

Taught by leading faculty, the programme ensures students have a thorough understanding of core business knowledge including finance, HR, strategy, marketing, business analytics and entrepreneurship, with flexibility in the second year to tailor their MBA to their interests through a wide range of electives.

Bayes values experiential learning and from day one, you will work collaboratively on real business projects. This ensures you put your knowledge into practice and can apply what you have learnt in your workplace straight away.

Bayes was formerly known as Cass Business School.

School snapshot statistics

  • Accreditations: Bayes Business School is among the global elite of business schools that hold the gold standard of 'triple crown' accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQU

Application deadlines

Round 5 deadline for 2023 entry: 22nd January 2023                      

If places are still available rolling admissions will be open until March 2023.

For 2024 entry:

Round 1: May 2023

Round 2: July 2023

Round 3: September 2023

Round 4: November 2023

Round 5: January 2024

  • Start date: March 
  • Average age: 35 
  • Average work experience in years: 11 
  • Class size: 18 o Fees: £52,000 
  • Course length in months: 24 
  • Rankings: 6th best in the UK (Financial Times Executive MBA ranking 2022)
  • Female: 33% 
  • Nationalities:
  • Scholarships: Bayes High Potential Award, Entrepreneurship Award, International Awards, Women in Business Award, Global Women’s Leadership Award. Each of these awards offer up to 20% towards tuition fees. More information can be found on our website: funding/scholarships

Student Reviews

Bayes Business School




On Campus

Best Journalism school in Europe

When I first stepped onto the campus of City, University of London, I knew I was in for a ride - and not just on the Tube! With its vibrant energy and an impressive repertoire of programs, City U became my home away from home. The Journalism program was kind of a big deal. Rumour was that we were the best in Europe! The lecturers were not just experts in their field; they’re practically journalistic royalty. They were invested, passionate, and had a knack for turning the most flat press release into a riveting news story. With their guidance, I’ve learned to navigate the chaotic world of media like a pro. The campus was a melting pot of every culture, being that we had such a diverse international crowd. Being in the heart of London, I had the world at my fingertips - there was always a new corner to explore, a hidden gem of a cafe to discover, or a street performer! City, University of London wasn't just a university; it was a chapter in my life story that I’ll never forget.




On Campus

Learning environment

The teacher-learner ration is manageable, giving each learner a chance to gain personal attention. It is also easier following up on the progress of a student, as the numbers per class is not large. the conducive environment for learning includes clean classes, standard desks, world class instructional facilities and the opportunity to engage lecturers even after their sessions. The team spirit at City is above board, with learners getting chance to learn both from instructors and colleagues. This is the university of choice; the place to be.




On Campus


I liked that each class had a manageable number of learners, making the professor-learner ratio favor knowledge acquisition. I also liked that study schedules were manageable, and not overwhelming. The focus on talents and gifts even within the learning environment makes it possible for learners to achieve the best of their potential, and this has worked to the advantage of those that have schooled at City, University of London




On Campus


The diversity at City University facilitates interactions and is a direction toward the unity of the world. The classes are well built to match the number and needs of all students regardless of the elements of diversity that set people apart. The use of technology in delivery makes learning even more interesting and achievable. At City University there is no distinction pegged on the issues that make people unique.




On Campus


The team of lecturers at the Uiversity are well experienced. Their level of insight and the methodologies of delivery works for the interes of the leaeners. My learning experience was largely boosted by the level of knowledge of the professors at the institution, and their passion to transfer the same to learners. I appreciate every class I attended because of the level of insight I was able to gather




On Campus

The best university I’ve been to

The campus and the people I've met have made it a wonderful experience. I was reared in a small town with a graduating class of only 88 individuals, so moving to City University was a huge adjustment for me. My dorm has more residents than my whole high school combined! I enjoy the atmosphere here, and everyone is so friendly. Outstanding academic options and a stunning campus. Really great from beginning to end. The educators genuinely love what they do, and the students are ready to learn. On or around college, there is always something to do with friends, and the social scene is particularly warm.




On Campus

Bayes Business School

As a student at City university attending Bayes Business School I would totally recommend choosing this university as the experience is exceptional with great social networking opportunities . Professors are significantly helpful, delivering with excellence and professionalism. Everyone is happy to help and make you feel welcomed in such an esteem university as City, offering exceptional development and guidance through out the course.




On Campus

Economics and Politics

Incredibly amazing university, the way they polish students and help them boost their morale and think intellectually is worthwhile. Many universities have international partnerships to allow exchanges between their students. The most obvious subjects for these opportunities would be those that involve languages, and the study of people and places.




On Campus

Clinical biology

I really like it it’s perfect for me with not too many people and not too few either. All the modules are amazing. I love the toy bar. I love all the societies that I’ma part of. Especially the colour Bollywood society