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Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Engineers: Meet Cass Business School's New MBAs

We spoke to new MBA and EMBA students at Cass to find out how they’re settling in

Starting a new life at business school can be difficult, especially if you’re coming from abroad.

At Cass Business School, however, you get to know your MBA cohort months before you set foot in their City of London campus.

Whether you’re a full-time MBA or part-time Executive MBA, school-organized social media groups provide you with the opportunity to socialize over the summer.

Then, once you’ve arrived on campus, there are countless opportunities to network and build relationships amongst the cohort.

We spoke to new members of Cass’ MBA and EMBA cohorts about how they’re settling into life at the leading b-school.

Carolyn Thorsen - MBA

I came to Cass at the beginning of August, having spent five years working in New York as a consultant with IBM, mainly with Oracle products.

I decided a career shift into luxury fitness marketing was the right move for me, and the MBA gave me the perfect opportunity to do so.

Cass has a great careers team and the one-year format was the clincher for me. There are also some excellent marketing electives.


Thanks to the workshops and events that Cass have hosted so far, I’ve probably learnt more about networking at Cass in the past two weeks than I have in the past five years.

We also had induction dinners, and the school even helped us set up a Whatsapp group over the summer. I had probably made 20 to 30 friends before my first day.

I’ll be signing up for the marketing club, luxury goods society, and women in business society. I’d say the things I’m looking forward to the most are getting to know the marketing sector and experiencing Cass’s international electives.

Edward Pearce - EMBA

I’ve had exposure to Asia since secondary school, and have for the last ten years been running CRCC Asia, a company I co-founded with an old classmate which focuses on recruitment and consulting for Chinese businesses, with offices in London, Sydney and San Francisco.


Running CRCC has been incredible, and has provided me with lots of hands-on experience. I’m hoping my EMBA at Cass will help me operate it better, and more efficiently, with an expanded knowledge base.

Cass is right by my office, and ticked all the boxes in terms of people. My cohort seem like a great bunch and I’ve got to know a few of them already.

While meeting people was largely organic, Cass also provided plenty of opportunities, including things like a circus skills team building exercise as part of the induction.

So far, I’ve been very impressed with their careers network, online support and introductions in general. I’ve also learnt some new skills that’ll help me, such as speed-reading and mind-mapping.

Vasileios Maroulis - MBA


I’m a computer engineer from Greece with a background in entrepreneurship, and I’m hoping that my MBA at Cass will help me to expand my businesses.

I loved the fact that theory meets practice at Cass, and can’t wait to get involved in a host of projects during my MBA. Its London location, as well as its diversity, made my decision easy.

Though being a student again feels odd, I’ve familiarized myself with Cass’ facilities really quickly, and I enjoy socializing in our MBA exclusive lounge. Joining clubs will 

also be important for me.

Cass created LinkedIn and Whatsapp groups that were very active even six months before the start of class, and they provided ample opportunities for official and unofficial meetups.

The team-building day and the welcome dinner were particular highlights for me. I can’t wait to properly get into the rhythm with classes, and look forward to the corporate strategy course in particular.

Jono Marcus - EMBA


I currently run Loft Group, a small group of tech firms focused on software innovation and complex web development, though my career started off in PR agencies.

On my wedding day, I met a Gatsby-esque businessman who credited everything he had to his Harvard MBA. I decided to pursue it, and chose the Cass EMBA because it’s highly-ranked, close to my office, and because I found the sample lecture outstanding.

I found the application process very enjoyable, and meeting the academic course director didn’t even feel like an interview.

My cohort and I have organized drinks and meals over the Whatsapp group Cass helped set up. I'm constantly learning new things from clever people in plush surroundings, there’s a lot to like about Cass so far.


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