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The Experience So Far: Warwick EMBA Students Reflect

Students from the construction, telecoms, medical devices and healthcare sectors share their impressions of the popular program

The Warwick Business School EMBA is among the top five UK EMBA programs, according to the FT.

Students study in thirteen intensive week-long sessions on the Warwick campus – one for each module. There’s pre-reading before each module and assignments after, but most students agree that the intensive bursts of face-to-face study are easier to schedule into a busy life than weekly commitments.

Most students complete the program over three years, though some do it in a little over two years.

On a recent trip to Warwick, four members of the current EMBA class told us what they hope to get from the program.

They gave a variety of reasons. One student said that his boss advised him to invest in education rather than take a job overseas to develop his career. Another student, in a technical role at Motorola, said the qualification would help him move into general management.

They also talked about the challenges of being back in the classroom and balancing family with study. Watch the video to find out more.


Thursday 11th November 2010, 15.53 (UTC)


is one week of face-time enough for each module? how do you guys interact the rest of the time?

Thursday 11th November 2010, 15.58 (UTC)


what's the cost of the Warwick emba? how does it compare to judge cambridge?

Thursday 11th November 2010, 16.04 (UTC)


didn't realise it was such a high-ranked program. seems good idea to go for a week at a time to study, no way i'd fit in evenings/ weekends around work

Thursday 11th November 2010, 16.08 (UTC)


love your honesty lady on the right :)

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