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Babson College: Olin

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The Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College is located in Wellesley, Massachussetts

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  • Narendra


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  • FT Ranking: 73
  • FT Ranking Global MBA: 54
  • FT Ranking EMBA: 6
  • Economist FT Mba RANKING: 37
  • Applicants Per Year: 722
  • Applicants Admitted Percentage: 70
  • Class Size: 392
  • International Student Percentage: 21
  • Female Percentage: 28
  • Scholarships Available: 8
  • Course Length: 21
  • Employed Graduates Percentage: 81
  • Salary Increase Percentage: 85
  • Average Gmat: 589
  • Course Fee: USD 67,190
  • Application Deadline: Rolling
  • Accredited: AACSBEQUIS
  • Aspen Inst Ranking: 66
  • Living Expenses: USD 32,787
  • Businessweek Ranking: 37