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Melbourne Business School (MBS)

Here’s how to become an entrepreneur after your MBA—according to grads who’ve done it. Siddhant Shrestha and Ofer Assor co-founded SaaS startup, Varicon, at business school

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray31 Jan 2022

What does it take to get into the Melbourne Business School MBA? Find out from Anastasia Georgiou, director of admissions at the school

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray29 Nov 2021

As business priorities shift toward ESG issues, understanding sustainable management will be vital for future leaders

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray22 Oct 2021

Find out how Melbourne Business School MBAs are landing jobs at some of the world’s top companies, including Microsoft and Accenture, with help from the school's top ranked careers center

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray26 Jan 2021

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