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University of Cambridge: Judge Business School

In the context of Covid, the needs of consumers are changing. Find out how companies can adapt their brands for the post-pandemic consumer

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray7 Oct 2021

Jin Hu has a PhD in chemistry, but she was after a career move away from her technical background. She used the Cambridge MBA to launch a new career in investment in China

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray19 Mar 2021

Elaine Chow is the director of brand strategy for RADII, a media startup telling the stories of China’s emerging creatives. Here’s how the Cambridge MBA boosted her career

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray17 Feb 2021

The creative arts face a decade of recovery without strong leadership and talent retention. The Cambridge MBA is creating a fresh pipeline of leaders to lift the industry out of its COVID-19 slump

chat icon - bootstrap icon libray10 Aug 2020

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