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Winfried Ruigrok, dean of St. Gallen Executive School, explains why you should study in Switzerland

29 May 2019

Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world. But to accelerate your career in Germany, it might be worth considering an MBA program located just outside it

10 May 2019

Switzerland has long been associated as a go-to destination for traditional MBA careers in finance but there’s much more to studying in Switzerland than that

9 Apr 2019

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The University of St.Gallen has a full time student body of 7,000

Non-German speakers on the MBA take a mandatory German course

The work experience of St. Gallen 2012 Full-Time MBA students varies from 2 - 18 years!

St.Gallen has partnered with top Asian Business Schools Nanyang and Waseda for exchange programmes

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Founded in 1898, the university lies at the heart of Europe and has one of the largest management faculties on the continent. The University of St.Gallen is one of Europe's most distinguished universities, with an unrivaled reputation for quality within the German speaking region. Switzerland is continually recognized as one of the most competitive economies in the world. This world class business environment hosts the regional or global headquarters for over 300 of the world’s leading companies.

The Part-time MBA is designed for young executives wanting to pursue an MBA and continue working. Modules will take place in St.Gallen with additional modules in Barcelona, Basel, Frankfurt, Oxford, Salzburg and Schaffhausen, which allows us to draw on guest speakers and content from some of Europe's most important markets. The Full-time MBA programme is divided into four parts: Core Modules & Career Development Courses, Integration Courses, Electives and Corporate Project. Modules take place in St.Gallen with the opportunity to study abroad in either Singapore or Tokyo.

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You can apply to St.Gallen MBA using their easy online application form!

Full-time and Part-time MBA Fall 2015 Application Deadlines:

> 1st Deadline: 1 October 2014

> 2nd Deadline: 1 December 2014
   Cut-off point for Early Enrolment Discount*

> 3rd Deadline: 1 February 2015

> 4th Deadline: 1 April 2015
  Cut-off point for Early Payment Discount**

> 5th Deadline: 1 June 2015

In order to encourage early applications, tution fee reductions are offered: click here to see the discount!


Essay questions for classes starting in fall 2015:

1. Please detail your short- and long-term career plans. As part of your answer, please include: (a) how studying both in Switzerland, and specifically on the St.Gallen MBA, would      impact upon these plans; and (b) your back-up plan, should your immediate post-MBA plans not be successful. (max. 500 words)

  • When writing your essay, please keep in mind some of the following suggested guidelines:
  • Focus on how you view your career unfolding from graduation to achievement of your ultimate short term and long term goals. Since your past experiences are likely indicators of your skills and future direction, you will want to briefly outline key aspects of your career history.
  • Furthermore, your future career goals should flow logically from where you have been in your career and build upon what you expect to learn at the St.Gallen MBA. Do your career goals require the skills-set that a St.Gallen MBA degree would provide? Think about the narrative thread of your life and career and how the St.Gallen MBA is going to fit in, then expand into the future you want to make a reality through this education.
  • You can also use this essay as an opportunity to showcase your thriftiness & creativity by expressing an alternative solution to achieving your life ambitions should you not succeed on your first attempt.

2. Think of a well-known business leader, and outline the reasons why you believe he/she is undeserving of his/her public acclaim.

Daniel Cade

Marketing Specialist 

University of St. Gallen


  • Anurag



  • Ft Ranking: 67
  • Ft Ranking Global Mba: 69
  • Ft Ranking Masters: 1
  • Ft Ranking Emba: 55
  • Economist Ftmba Ranking: 92
  • International Student Percentage: 95
  • Female Percentage: 28
  • Scholarships Available: 7
  • Course Length: 12
  • Employed Graduates Percentage: 93
  • Salary Increase Percentage: 68
  • Course Fee: CHF 56,500
  • Application Deadline: Oct 01, Dec 01, Feb 01, Apr 01, Jun 01
  • Accredited: AASCBEQUIS
  • Average Age: 30
  • Average Work Years: 6
  • Nationalities Count: 28
  • Businessweek Ranking: 0
  • Economist Ranking: 59

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The St.Gallen MBA is able to award a number of scholarships for outstanding applications.

  • Expert Scholarship: For candidates with academic background in sciences and/or engineering, and in particular for those who went on to work in the fields of health, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, food science, manufacturing, procurement and logistics.
  • Challenge Scholarship: This scholarship is for applicants who have been able to successfully progress in their career despite challenging personal, professional, socio/political or economic circumstances.
  • The Next 11 (Emerging Markets) Scholarship: For candidates from emerging markets, who can evidence the interest and motivation to use their post MBA knowledge and skills to contribute to the future growth of an emerging market country.
  • Women in Business Scholarship: This scholarship is aimed at women who can demonstrate the ability to perform based on having successfully led people, realising fast-paced and difficult projects, or showing a consistent role progression.
  • Outstanding Candidates Scholarship: For outstanding candidates with excellent academic qualifications and an impressive career progression. Leadership and/or international experiences are beneficial for this scholarship, but not essential.
  • Early Achiever Scholarship: For young and confident career achievers, with less than 4 years of work experience, who show the potential to learn fast. We look for candidates who excel beyond their age.

    There are also Swiss Government Scholarships, click here.

    To find out more about the StGallen scholarships click here!

    Other programs: