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How To Write A Winning Master's Application

Applying to a business master's program? Here's three ways to make your master's application stand out from the crowd

Sat Mar 5 2022

When you're putting together a business master's application, you really have to know the schools you're applying to so you can demonstrate you're a great fit. 

In this Applicant Question, written by Aude Henou from Emlyon Business School, you'll learn three ways to successfully demonstrate your desirable qualities to your chosen schools:

1. Adjust your application to each program or school

The first thing you must have in mind during a Master's application is that it needs to stand out amongst a whole host of others.

Business schools may all have different admissions processes, so you need to try and understand what matters to them, depending on what is required.

Every piece of information you get will be useful, and you can collect this information online or through information sessions.

The time you spend on reading about the program and admissions expectations is never lost, and will prevent you from taking a standard approach based on preconceived ideas you may have.

Applicants who really try to understand what is required and do not produce a standard approach, like the same documents, similar texts and the same angles for all programs, are more likely to match the admissions expectations.

Read carefully about the...

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