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The Best Business Schools For Executive Education In 2019

Find out which schools performed best in the latest Financial Times executive education rankings

Mon Jun 3 2019

Executive education is the biggest growth market for many business schools. But the growth in demand for lifelong learning—or acquiring skills and knowledge throughout a career rather than just at the start—has opened the floodgates to competition and challenges in the market for training corporate executives.

That has been good news for the producers of rankings, such as the Financial Times, which published its 2019 executive education ranking today.

IMD of Switzerland and Stanford of the US were ranked as the world’s top providers of ‘open’ executive education programs that are available to all working managers.

IESE Business School of Spain is the best provider of ‘custom’ programs tailored to organizations’ individual needs, according to the FT.

The newspaper also produces a third ranking that combines the top 50 schools for executive education based on the custom and open-enrolment tables. IESE came ahead of IMD, HEC Paris and Stanford in the combined ranking.

The rankings are based largely on a survey of about 1,000 corporate clients of business schools that are accredited and make at least $2 million in revenue. The clients are asked to assess course design, faculty, teaching methods, and...

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