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Coronavirus Sparks Visa Concerns For Business School Candidates

Read our April 24 coronavirus roundup, as new visa restrictions could block some candidates’ pathways to business school

Fri Apr 24 2020


April 24 Roundup

Visa restrictions cause serious concern for b-school candidates

According to new research by GMAC, prospective business school students in the Middle East, Africa, and Central & Southeast Asia in particular are concerned that visa restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic will block their passage to business school. This comes as Donald Trump announces a new US immigration ban and a 60-day freeze to green card applications.

The survey snapshot reveals a third of candidates based in Central & South Asia (34%) and the Middle East & Africa (33%) reported concern about visas as compared to 13% in East & Southeast Asia, 5% in Europe and 3% in the United States.

This points to the popularity of US and European business schools. US and European students are happy to study closer to home, whereas internationals are more concerned that they won’t be able to study at their target US or European b-schools. If global mobility is limited by coronavirus, the diversity of students at business school—on MBA programs, for example—will be impacted.

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GMAT Online Exam: New Online Whiteboard Practice Tool

If you’re taking the new GMAT Online Exam you won’t be able to take physical notes using pen and paper. You’ll instead need to use an online whiteboard. Understanding this could be a little tricky for first-time online GMAT test-takers, GMAC have launched a new online whiteboard practice tool to help you out.

Online whiteboard explainer

Online whiteboard tool

GMAT Online Exam: Honest review

GMAT expert Stefan Maisnier took the new GMAT Online Exam and had positive things to say about the at-home test experience and how to navigate the online whiteboard. Read the full review:


Harvard hemorrhages money

Harvard Business School expects revenue to plunge by close to $115 million due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to various reports. In an email, HBS dean Nitin Nohria and executive dean for administration Angela Q. Crispi announced they expect an overall loss of $22 million for 2020.

The email says the decision to freeze Executive Education programs, a fall in alumni donations, falling case sales, and potential endowment distribution decline caused by coronavirus have all contributed to the revenue loss.

GRE testing disrupted by coronavirus

The GRE test is also available to take online, at-home. However, some test-takers have reported technical issues with the test. If you are looking to take the GRE test to apply for business school in a test center, check out our live updates on GRE test center closures.

Countrywide postponements in EMEA:

Albania: Through April 25

Belgium: Through May 2

France: Through May 2

Hungary: Through April 25

Iran: Through May 20

Ireland: Through May 2

Italy: Through May 2

Kyrgyzstan: Through April 26

Morocco: Through May 16

Romania: Through April 25

South Africa: Through April 25

Spain: Through April 25

Switzerland: Through April 25

Tunisia: Through May 2

United Kingdom: Through April 25

All other countries are reporting at least one test center closed in response to local public health concerns.

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