I Took The GMAT Online Exam And Got Into Imperial College Business School

Naomi O’Donnell couldn’t have got into Imperial College Business School without the GMAT Online Exam, an at-home version of test for candidates applying during the coronavirus pandemic

What advice do you have for anyone taking the GMAT Online Exam?

Turn on the lights before the exam! Jokes aside, first of all you need to do a few checks regarding your internet speed, sound, and video quality. On the day of the exam, they ask you to take pictures of your desk from every angle and also of your surroundings. They told me to unplug my printer for some reason as well.

The one thing that really surprised me was that there is an actual person looking at you live during your exam. I thought it was going to be a recorded video and someone would review it afterwards but this was not the case. It was bizarre to think that a person was staring at me for the whole time!

My tip would be to really know all of your GMAT strategies by heart and don’t rely on the whiteboard

Note: The GMAT Online Exam now allows a physical whiteboard option.

Why did you decide to pursue the Master in International Management at Imperial?

The key factor for me was that the program incorporates two-to-three consultancy experiences in global settings. This is such a crucial element for me as I do not have any experience in consulting. The program gives me the opportunity to develop both my academic skills and practical professional skills, and aligns well with my future career plans.

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