VIDEO: Startup FAQ | Do You Need An MBA To Start Your Own Business?

An MBA can give you skills, confidence, and a network, but do you need it to start your own business? We put a Startup FAQ to our panel of experts

Many renowned companies have been born out of business school. Nike co-founder Phil Knight has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, while Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown is a Columbia Business School MBA graduate. An MBA can give you many things, including confidence, business skills, and a network. But do you need it in order to start your own business?

In this Startup FAQ, we ask: do you need an MBA to become an entrepreneur?


The answer, in short, is: no, but it definitely helps.

An MBA significantly improves your chances of survival in the turbulent and uncertain world of startups. It will give you the confidence, and the practical skills, to weather the storm through some of the challenges that many entrepreneurs face. 

In answer to our previous question, "I want to be an entrepreneur but I don't have any ideas, what should I do?", an MBA can also be the perfect environment to explore business ideas, get expert advice, and even meet your future business partner. Ask London Business School MBA grad Gerhard Grueter all about it.

In our Startup FAQ series, we pose frequently asked questions from Reddit and Quora about entrepreneurship to successful entrepreneurs and business school experts.


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