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Teaching Taylor Swift: UC Berkeley Class To Study Billionaire Popstar’s Artistry & Entreprenership

Business... Taylor's version. Pop icon Taylor Swift's artistic and entrepreneurial exploits will be the subject of a new class at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business in 2024

Wed Nov 1 2023

Taylor Swift’s ongoing Eras tour has made the pop icon a billionaire, prompting the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business to launch a course that will study her success.

Swift, whose financial success can also be attributed to her savvy business decision to re-record and re-release her old albums to secure ownership of their master tapes, will be the subject of a class titled: Artistry and Entrepreneurship: Taylor’s Version. 

The class will begin in spring 2024 as part of UC Berkeley’s Democratic Education program, which gives students the option to study courses they’re interested in. It will be taught by Crystal Haryanto, an economics graduate from UC Berkeley, alongside another current student at the school. 

According to the class syllabus, which is available online, it will study: “Swift’s ability to connect with listeners is unparalleled. Through lyricism, branding, and craft, we’ll explore how art and authenticity create enduring value and a viable enterprise.”

Students will learn via a mixture of reading materials, listening tasks, and interactive lectures delivered over 13 weeks. 

In a recent interview with NBC, Haryanto said: “It will be a cross section of literature, economics, business and sociology and I think that we’re studying her impact as an artist, as a whole.

“I want to study her literary devices. But also how those literary devices create meaning,” she added. 

Successful celebrities are often studied at business school, with students learning from their innovative methods in areas such as marketing and entrepreneurship. 

At Harvard Business School, former footballer David Beckham recently gave a talk to MBA students about the lucrative brand partnerships that have helped propel him to become owner of MLS soccer team, Inter Miami. 

Also at Harvard, Kim Kardashian revealed the marketing secrets behind the success of her Skims brand during a guest lecture, while highly successful Formula 1 racing team principal Toto Wolff also teaches an MBA class on high performance leadership

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