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Which Business School Has The Best ROI For MBA In India?

Looking for a highly ranked MBA school in India with a high return on investment? FMS Delhi could be a good choice

Thu Mar 23 2023

The MBA is renowned as one of the most expensive education programs in India. Most top MBA colleges charge high fees, and the cost of an MBA at prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) ranges from INR 11 lakh (around $13,300) to INR 30 lakh ($36,250).

However one top college costs the lowest in terms of fees and gives the best ROI among MBA colleges in India. 

Delhi University's Faculty of Management Studies (FMS Delhi), which stands at number two in the IIRF MBA ranking, charges a more modest INR 2 lakh (around $2,400) for its full-time MBA program. While the school has the lowest fees among the top MBA colleges in the country, its graduates command impressive salaries.

What is the ROI of an MBA at FMS Delhi?

In 2023, the average annual CTC (cost to company—or gross salary) for graduates of FMS is INR 34.1 lakh (around $41,313) while in 2022, the average CTC at India's top-ranked IIM Ahmedabad was INR 32.79 lakh (around $39,725). 

Given FMS' lower fees, the time to repay the cost of an MBA is significantly shorter than at its peer institutions, giving it possibly the best ROI among MBA colleges in...

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