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4 Things To Do Before A Master's In Finance Degree

You need to have your career goals in mind before pursuing a master’s in finance degree

Tue Oct 13 2020

A Master’s in Finance degree is a postgraduate program tailored to individuals who want to springboard their careers in finance at a relatively early stage.

Students pursuing a Master of Science in Finance (MSF in North America, or MSc in Finance in the UK/Europe) typically only have a few years of work experience and are looking to gain potentially prestigious and fast-tracked, yet more-or-less entry-level positions after they graduate.

Here’s four things you need to do before pursuing a master’s in finance:

1. Make sure it’s the right path for you

Up until recently, MBA programs were considered the holy grail of advanced business degrees; however, an increasing number of employers are now looking toward graduates of more focused programs to seek candidates with the specialized skills they need.

While an MBA is broader and can give a higher-level overview of business, an MSF...

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