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CFA Vs Masters In Finance: Should You Do Both?

Combining your CFA qualification with a Masters in Finance could be the ultimate combination for a career in investment, says Peter Watkins of the CFA

Tue Sep 29 2020


A Master's in Finance coupled with success on the CFA Program really is the ultimate combination for those seeking career success in the investment profession. 

A Masters degree demonstrates postgraduate academic achievement and the chance to focus on areas of personal interest. Many programs offer options or dissertation routes that allow students to take a deeper dive into topical, regional or specialists themes. 

The CFA Program provides the all-important practitioner focus—the full breadth of skills and competencies employers are looking for in work-ready investment professionals. 

CFA Charterholders are exceptionally career mobile and have considerable breadth of technical understanding outside their own job-roles. Importantly, the CFA Program is a standardised, globally-recognised credential so employers in any setting know the level of competence they can expect from professionals who have taken the CFA path.

Why combine the CFA with your...

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