Here's How Bath’s Master’s In Management Got Me A Technology Consulting Job At IBM

At Bath School of Management, MSc in Management students can opt for the Practice Track instead of the traditional dissertation, working on real-time projects with various companies

After completing his undergraduate studies in Biological Science, Jason Ho sought a change of direction—he was keen to launch a career in consulting.

After searching around, he landed on the MSc in Management at the University of Bath’s School of Management—ranked among the top 40 Master's in Management programs in the world for career progress by the Financial Times.

“The sense of variety and choice at Bath School of Management in terms of module freedom is great,” he says, “it was very helpful in the way of understanding where my interests lay.”

Offering staple management subjects like Operational Management, Economics, and Marketing, the Bath MSc in Management also offers educational choices to accommodate the rapidly changing nature of the business world today—this includes electives in Business Analytics, Contemporary and Emerging Issues for Organizations, and Principles for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Now working as a technology consultant for IBM, Jason has maximized the freedom of educational choice on the Bath MSc in Management—he opted to undertake the practice track over the traditional dissertation, working on real-time business projects as part of his degree.

“For a program like this to have an impact it needs to have real life application, where you can apply your skills to a company,” says Jason. “I think it was one of the best parts of the degree as it ensured I knew I was going down the right path.”

The Track is split into two elements—one where students work with a local charity, and another with a corporate company—so Jason was exposed to a multitude of business issues.

Working with a local charity, Jason and his team—made up of students from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities—refined the company’s marketing pitch and organized events highlighting the cause in the local area.

During the second part of the Practice Track they worked within a corporate firm—Bath School of Management is this year working with several companies, including Deloitte, KPMG, and Unilever—so they were immersed in the daily workings of a top corporation.

Jason says this helped as he was exposed not only to the project management skills needed to be a consultant, but also the array of differences brought about by the diverse teams of students he worked with.

“It was very beneficial to do group work as not everyone had the same ideas,” he explains—that, he adds, meant that he had to adapt his way of thinking to accommodate a variety of perspectives, a skill translatable to his current work at IBM.

“We also had to present to our peers at the end,” he adds. “A lot of the course was presenting to peers, and that experience made me feel more confident in the application of presenting and communication work.”

Such a conveyor belt of soft skill development, alongside the exposure to a multitude of cultures and industries during the group work, placed Jason in good stead to launch his career as a tech consultant at IBM.

But translating that onto paper beforehand proved a challenge. “I had a bad cover letter and CV,” he admits, “but I am a big advocate of career offices at universities now.”

Bath School of Management offers career workshops, CV advice, and have hands on appointments available for students—"they really push you to get through the door at most places,” Jason explains.

Because of that, his application for IBM was a success—in his current role he is being challenged to apply everything he learned on a daily basis.

“At the start of your career it’s about trying to get a grasp of everything,” he explains. “Bath gave me a grounding in all the base knowledge needed to get ahead in the areas I need to.”

“If you are looking for a view of how consulting and business align,” he says, “the Master's at Bath is a fantastic way of understanding whether it is for you—especially the career service, they give you everything.”


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