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7 Tips For Getting Leadership Jobs

What skills and personality traits should business leaders have? Follow these seven tips to make sure you stand out to employers and get the best leadership jobs


Fri Feb 14 2020

You’re approaching graduation from your online business masters and are keen to climb the ladder and land a leadership job. But where do you start, how do you know if you’re fully prepared for life at the helm?

Dr Roshan Boojihawon, senior lecturer in strategy and the program director for the Online MSc International Business at Birmingham Business School, has seven tips to help you on your way to becoming a strong international business manager, and thus placing you in the best possible position to lead. 

Despite a supply of motivated and enthusiastic graduates, he thinks there is a lack of knowledge and awareness about how to direct that motivation and enthusiasm into leadership. On the Online MSc International Business at Birmingham Business School, students are immersed in an environment where they can become competent leaders.

Here are seven tips you need to follow to land a leadership role after graduating.

1. Think globally

Awareness is key. With an openness for an international experience and mindset, explains Roshan, comes a realization that most of international business is now virtual or online. The online masters at Birmingham places students in an environment that mimics this. 

You need the ability to assimilate into the working lives and cultures of multiple countries around the world, and a willingness to work with and think like people immersed in environments other than your own. 

2. Be sensitive to cultural diversity

Roshan believes sensitivity to cultural diversity is key for anyone who wants to lead in an international setting. 

That doesn’t just mean sensitivity to different nationalities, but also different working cultures between organizations.

“The international business manager needs to be aware of how [they use] the differences in cultures to his advantage, or her advantage, but also to the advantage or his or her organization.

“If we take any multinational organization these days or anything like that, you have got a diverse group of employees who are not necessarily of the origin of the country in which the multinational is based.”

3. Be curious 

The third tip Roshan has is be curious about what’s going on in the international business arena. 

If you see an uncertain context, he says, you must have a natural curiosity or hunger to know what’s going on, to read well the source of the issue, and act accordingly. 

“Not every part of the world works in the same way as we would expect. There’s a different set of local rules of the game which the manager has to respect, and work within that context.”

4. Think strategically

The manager must learn how to think strategically at the level of the global economy to push on and develop a strong career in business. 

There are five questions Roshan believes all international business leaders need to ask themselves. 

How do you think through a company which could be spread around the world? Where are the different parts of the business going to be? How are the different aspects of the production and manufacturing processes going to be organized? Where are the raw materials going to come from? and is this the most effective strategy?

5. Develop your patience

Learn to be patient. Time and pace may not work in the same way in every country. So, you have to understand what the constraints could be in different local markets and equip yourself with the mindset and flexibility to adapt to those local conditions.  

6. Learn to communicate across boundaries

It seems obvious, but good communication is tantamount to landing a leadership role. Though you may develop strong communication skills on a business masters like the MSc International Business, this is a skill you must keep refining after you graduate. 

Roshan says the ability to communicate with people across different cultures and have a sensitivity and sensibility to their language is key. 

“With that comes the ability to be a good negotiator,” he adds, “or a network architect—the ability to build relationships at a local and global level.”

7. Bring charisma to the table

Last but by no means least, charisma. We’ve all seen people like politicians, business leaders, and actors, hold an audience, reel you in with their charm.

“It’s the ability to really present oneself as a leader. The self-confidence, the energy—this should naturally come out from the person as a global business manager,” says Roshan. 

“Now, I know you might not find all of these traits in one person, but I think these are the idealistic traits that we, at a program level, try to bring awareness to and try to develop in a lot of ways.”

Student Reviews

Birmingham Business School - University of Birmingham




On Campus

An amazing experience

Great, knowledgeable faculty with a beautiful campus. Lots of societies and clubs to choose from in accordance with your interest. One can also discover scholarship opportunities here. The course is perfectly designed and the career services at the uni are very helpful




On Campus

The beautiful campus and teaching expertise.

Overall the University of birmingham is just an incredible institution. From the array of expertise teachings and how phenomenal the campus is definitely enhances its beauty and is enriched with the amazing resources and incredible people that are always willing to help and make you feel welcomed everywhere you go. I would 100% recommend the University of Birmingham to be one of the best universities out there and through not only the various courses that they offer but all the social societies definitely adds to the fun and great opportunities that it provides




On Campus

Exceptional Support for international Students

Exceptional Support for International Students As an international student, my experience at the University of Birmingham has been nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to the outstanding support provided for international students. I would like to share my thoughts and experiences regarding the exceptional support I've received during my time here. From the moment I arrived on campus, it was evident that UoB prioritizes the well-being and success of its international students. Here are some key aspects of the support I've received: 1. Orientation Programs: The university's comprehensive orientation programs helped me acclimate to campus life, navigate administrative processes, and understand the academic system. I never felt lost or overwhelmed, thanks to the informative sessions and friendly staff. 2. Academic Advising: The academic advisors for international students are incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. They assisted me in creating a personalized academic plan, selecting courses, and understanding degree requirements. Their guidance ensured that I stayed on the right track academically. 3. Language Support: UoB offers exceptional language support services, including English language courses and conversation partners. These resources were invaluable in improving my language skills and building confidence in my communication abilities. 4. Cultural Integration: The university fosters a diverse and inclusive environment, making it easy for international students to feel like part of the community. There are numerous cultural clubs, events, and workshops that allow us to connect with fellow students and celebrate our diverse backgrounds. 5. Mental Health and Counseling Services: Recognizing the challenges that international students may face, the university provides excellent mental health and counseling services. It's comforting to know that support is available when needed, and these services are respectful of cultural differences. 6. Career Services: UoB offers exceptional career services tailored to international students. From resume workshops to job fairs, they've been instrumental in helping me prepare for my career post-graduation. The university's strong network of alumni has also been a valuable resource. 7. Visa and Immigration Assistance: Navigating the complexities of visa and immigration regulations can be daunting, but the university's dedicated staff provided guidance and assistance throughout the process. Their expertise made the experience seamless. 8. Housing Support: Securing suitable housing can be a challenge for international students, but the university offers assistance in finding on-campus housing options with flexible payments. This support ensured that I had a safe and comfortable place to live. 9. Financial Aid and Scholarships: UoB offers various scholarships and financial aid options for international students. Their commitment to making education accessible is commendable, they also provide financial support for graduation through the guild of students.




On Campus

student experience

I highly recommend the University of Birmingham. I think the school environment is very friendly to international students. I was able to get guidance and help from students in the school. I was also able to get support and guidance from the professional team on my career path. I would recommend the University of Birmingham to first-time international students and Masters students.




On Campus

There is always somebody to help!

The university respects the culture and background of their highly diverse student. It carters to everybody's need and puts its student first. It tries to the make the student feel at home and helps them deal with the university life.




On Campus


I love studying Pharmacy at Birmingham and would absolutely recommend it, especially because of the variety in every aspect of the course. Firstly, the variety of people you meet from all areas around the country, and even countless others from outside the country. Each person has a different background and experiences creating a melting pot of personalities to interact with. Next, the lessons - there are numerous types of lessons we encounter on a weekly basis from lectures to dissections to a computer workshops. Additionally, specific to medical degrees, I have 7 placements annually in hospital, community, and GP pharmacies. The only lack of variety in the pharmacy course is the classrooms since there are limited number we can use and the medical school is separate from the main campus. The only part I don't enjoy about pharmacy is the distances and unreliability of public transport in Birmingham. Living in the vale, the university is a long 25-minute walk away and my closest shop is over 10-20 minutes to walk. Although there are closer accommodations, I really love my flat with its modern decor, large room, and social aspect of the shared kitchen.




On Campus

Experience at University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham has been an outstanding university. They have provided complete support during COVID-19. The university is incredible when accessing support with mental health. I currently study criminology at the university of Birmingham. The course has been brilliant, with constant support from lectures and tutors to ensure that you achieve the best grade possible. I could not recommend University of Birmingham more!




On Campus


Great campus for studying with kind and professional staff and the campus is very well connected to the city center. There were so many people who wanted to enroll in the course that they had to queue for a new course for six months in advance. The classes were always crowded, but the professors never let anyone through. I love this uni




On Campus

A very welcoming uni

This university is regarded as one of the best in the world. They provide a welcoming environment that enhances the lives of the students because each one of them has a sense of community and a desire to study.

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