Statement Of Purpose For MBA

A step by step guide to writing your statement of purpose!

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Your statement of purpose is essentially your opportunity to market yourself and it should clearly address why you are doing an MBA, what distinguishes you as a great candidate and why you would be an asset to the school. Make sure you’ve done your homework here on the kind of people the school is after. Also make sure to cram in a few polished, snappy examples from your education, career and personal life to really sell yourself.
First paragraph:
  • Quick personal background
  • Quick explanation of why you are looking to do an MBA
  • What’s so great about XYZ business school? Why does this school in particular appeal to you, given your personality and background
Second paragraph:
  • Your experience to date and educational background
  • Flesh out what you’re trying to achieve career wise and why business school, in particular this business school, is the ideal solution
  • Languages and international experience
  • Maybe use this as an opportunity to address any weaknesses in your application with a positive spin
Third paragraph
  • Personal achievements - try and make these relevant to where you want to be, but also hint at why these attributes would allow you to give back to the school
  • What clubs/ tracks you would like to be part of - ideally reinforce what the school has a great reputation for e.g. its startup club and the annual startup award
  • On that note, if for example you’re an investment banker trying to switch in to industry, say you’d love to get involved with the investment banking club and offer advice on applications/ conduct some mock interviews for your fellow students
Fourth paragraph
  • Tie it all together and finish with a short, sharp summary of why this particular MBA is wonderful and exactly the right move for you at this point in your career
Good luck!
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