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MBA Vs Masters | Which Should You Choose?

The MBA is world’s most sought-after graduate management degree, but specialized business masters are eating into the MBA market. Find out how to choose between an MBA and a Master’s

Wed Jul 19 2023

The MBA is the world’s most sought-after graduate management degree, but business master’s programs are increasingly eating into the MBA market. 

In fact, for the past five years, business master’s degrees have topped the European market over MBAs, according to GMAC’s Prospective Students Survey 2023. The report also shows rising interest among Middle Eastern, African, and Latin American candidates. 

There are a wide range of business master’s programs to choose from including generalist master’s programs such as a Master in Management or more specialist topics such as a Master in Finance, Master in Accounting, or Master in Business Analytics

Many business schools also offer specialized master’s programs to equip students for the future of work such as master’s in entrepreneurship, sustainability, or artificial intelligence. 

But which should you choose to study?

MBA vs Master’s | What’s the difference? 

An MBA is a generalist degree covering all the fundamentals of business such as communication, business ethics, strategy, data analytics, finance, and leadership. A full-time MBA means students will take time out of their career to study. However, if this doesn’t suit you, students can also opt for part-time or Online MBAs which offer more flexibility. 

A Master in Management degree is sometimes viewed as an MBA alternative, as it covers the same topics. However, MiM degrees are typically designed for early career professionals. 

Specialized master’s degrees are more targeted towards a specific career path. So, if you have your sights set on your future career and want to gain the unique skillset to thrive, this could be the best option for you. 

While specialized master’s...

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