MBA Jobs: EDHEC MBAs Switch Careers Into Private Equity, Technology And Entrepreneurship

In 2016, 59% of EDHEC MBAs made the triple jump—changing industry, role, and location. This year’s graduating class have already landed top jobs internationally

MBA students at France’s EDHEC Business School are switching industries, landing jobs, and using the intensive, 10-month program to take their careers forward.

In 2016, 59% of EDHEC MBAs made the triple jump—changing industry, role, and location—after graduation. 86% made at least one career change. 59% were hired outside of their native country, with 70% of those hired in France of non-French origin.

Technology was the preferred industry among 2016 MBA grads—the EDHEC MBA includes a technology specialization covering hot topics like big data analytics and the IoT—followed by a variety of sectors like financial services and consumer goods.

Top EDHEC MBA employers include Amazon, Microsoft, P&G, L’Oréal, Oracle, and Facebook. 6% of MBA grads started their own companies.

Standing out to employers

So, what do employers look for in MBA job candidates today? Sandra Richez, head of global MBA career and corporate services at EDHEC, says adaptability, soft skills, data analytics skills, and ‘fit’ are key.

“MBA students need to make a real effort to understand the fit between themselves and the company, role, and team,” Sandra explains. “Once they have a better idea of fit, they simply need to put themselves out there and network.

“Too often MBA students’ job searches are just a long series of online applications. The ones who take every opportunity to get closer to the right people and leverage networks have a real advantage.” sandra

Sandra (pictured right) should know. EDHEC’s Global MBA Career Services is ranked number one in France and among the best in Europe. Already, this year’s MBA graduates are finding new jobs with the support of the school.

BusinessBecause caught up with two EDHEC MBA grads from the class of 2017—Charlotte Auterac and Mario Dacaret—to find out more.

Charlotte Auterac, MBA ‘17

Charlotte chose the EDHEC MBA to make a career switch. She’s since moved out of real estate and into private equity, landing a stellar MBA internship at Astarte Capital Partners, an investment management firm based in London.

On choosing EDHEC… EDHEC is known internationally and well-ranked. I wanted to focus on finance, and this was possible with the track specialization, and the 10-month, intensive program ensured that I wasn’t out of the jobs market for too long. The campus in Nice is incredible, with views of the Promenade and, as a Brit, the climate was very attractive! 

On her MBA experience… At EDHEC, I was able to meet and share an MBA experience with people from all over the world. We had almost 40 different nationalities in the class who were all willing to share their knowledge—that really opened my eyes to different cultures and ways of thinking.  

Professionally, EDHEC has helped me move my career on a different path, which would not have been possible without the MBA. The MBA has opened my eyes to so many different careers and options. The range of knowledge you gain along the way is invaluable for anyone considering a career progression or change of industry.

On her post-MBA job… We had some wonderful guest lectures from some amazing companies including Google, Amadeus and Amazon. And, during my finance track, the managing partner of Astarte Capital Partners ran a module for the course. We got talking about my background and experience and then he offered me a summer internship!

If I had not undertaken the MBA at EDHEC, I definitely would not be working at Astarte Capital Partners. I would not have been able to diversify my skills and knowledge to the extent I have been able to throughout the past year.

The support network at EDHEC was superb. All the advice I received, ranging from interview techniques to personal branding and networking, has led me to where I am today. Definitely, the best career choice I’ve made!

Mario Dacaret, MBA ‘17


Mario moved from his native Guatemala to pursue an MBA at EDHEC. He learned French at the school. After graduation, he landed his first job in Europe, at the EGI Group based in Barcelona. The firm helps tech startups enter the European market.

On choosing EDHEC… Looking for the right MBA is a difficult task; you can become overwhelmed by all the options. EDHEC stood out with its international accreditations, great positions in the rankings and transparency in the application process. The quality of the program and global vision of the business world made it a no brainer.

On his MBA experience… I had never before been immersed in such an international environment—with people from all over the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, EDHEC helps you grow in terms of your vision of business in this globalized world. The quality of the people there improves you both as a person as well as a professional.

The business trips on offer also give you opportunities to network with regions you would never expect. EDHEC challenges you every day by showing you the new trends in business like big data.

On his post-MBA job… I got to EGI through EDHEC’s career center. The job description was in French and by then I already had the basics of the language (the school offers free French lessons), so I applied and they were delighted with my profile.

Through the process, the support I received from EDHEC’s staff was key—I will never forget it. Right now, I’m based in Barcelona, a city I would have never expected to live in, but now love, and I know that I wouldn’t be here without EDHEC’s support.

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