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Inventor and Innovator at ESMT

Product designer Randhir holds four patents but wanted an MBA to move into managing R&D projects end-to-end

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Tue Jan 17 2012


Randhir Kumar is an innovator who holds four global patents. His fascination with technology led him to pursue an MBA at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).

Randhir chose ESMT because it's an institution that shares his passion for technology. He did not want to move away from engineering altogether so ESMT’s focus on technology management was perfect for him.

Randhir has a Master in Mechanical Engineering from the world-famous Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India's most prestigious engineering school. He also has over seven years professional experience in new product development and technical project management in the electrical utilities industry. Prior to enrolling at ESMT, Randhir worked for Schneider Electric in their global technology centre. This role gave him a chance to focus his capabilities on emerging economies, bridging the gap between product development and markets. He also developed expertise in tailoring the products to local needs.

It was a desire to build the competencies necessary for research and development that led Randhir to pursue an MBA. “It would give me a broader and quicker perspective than if I waited to eventually learn the adequate skills on the job. I wanted to have more exposure to how markets really work and exactly what the customers’ needs are.”

While at Schneider, Randhir developed one of the technologies he holds a patent for; a mechanism for synchronized operation of closing and opening of a "vacuum bottle switching device". He also holds patents with other inventors for a "compact circuit breaker mechanism", a "hinge assembly for providing intermediate stop positions" and a "rotary handle with weld indication" - clearly he's a very smart guy. While at ESMT he diversified his business interests, and wrote a business plan for a website where elderly people can buy a range of personal services!

Randhir completed the 12-month full-time MBA in December 2011. We asked him where he sees himself in five years time and his answer was that he undoubtedly wishes to remain in research and development but with complete ownership of the business unit. He wants his career to progress from technical responsibilities to leadership roles associated with product design, procurement and market interactions, and he is confident that his ESMT experience has equipped him well. In the short-term, he is excited to get back into his protective clothes and eye wear and knock up some awe-inspiring techie innovations!