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Chinese University Hong Kong MBA Keeping Busy And Expanding Her Networks

Indian software engineer Jasvin Bhasin is determined to make the most of all the opportunities Hong Kong offers, inside and outside the classroom

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Tue Feb 21 2012

Jasvin Bhasin, a former software engineer and full-time MBA candidate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, is learning Chinese, going on exchange to Europe and beefing up the school's Consulting Club!

A snapshot of Jasvin's profile reads like this: got first computer at age 10, graduated with distinction in Computer Engineering at age 21, landed first job at Hewlett Packard, promoted in first year of employment, very involved in voluntary and charity work, and currently studying for the MBA in a prime Asian city.

Business Because interviewed Jasvin to find out how studying at CUHK fit in with her goals. Jasvin, 25, said that the CUHK MBA made her realize that there were many more avenues she could explore. She was particularly keen to build her knowledge of finance and entrepreneurship was impressed by CUHK’s top rankings in the region and worldwide for post-MBA employment.

Jasvin graduated with a degree in engineering from Pune University in 2008, and joined IT firm Hewlett Packard as an engineer. Eventually she was managing engineering projects and ended up with a role in quality assurance services. It was here that she gained experience of the business side of the firm.

Jasvin excelled at HP, was given an award for her outstanding performance and was also chosen as department ‘champion’ for being able to complete complex tasks in a timely manner and to very high standards.

At the same time as holding down a full time role with HP, Jasvin was heavily involved in social initiatives. Having benefited from scholarships throughout her education, she was determined to give back once she started working. She says, “In india, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved at the grassroots level. I also wanted to use my weekends effectively”.

Jasvin worked with Seargant At Arms, a wing of Rotary International, to organize classes where she taught students life skills such as public speaking, money management, and several other items from a syllabus she devised. She also coordinated blood donation camps and polio vaccination drives for under-privileged children. Additionally, Jasvin and some of her colleagues at HP started an initiative called “Shoe Their Worries Away” to provide school shoes for kids.

For Jasvin, the CUHK MBA has been a soul searching experience and one that really pushed her to test her limits. She said, “We all know that world power is moving from the West to the East and I know I will reap the benefits of this power shift. CUHK gives you the China experience and Hong Kong is the New York of the East. Its fast-paced and everyone is so driven that it brings out the best in you. Its probably one of the best cities to be in when you’re in the prime of your life”.

Jasvin has taken advantage of being in Hong Kong to get some work experience. She works part-time for the strategy planning and architecture division of Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong's largest income tax payer.

Next in line for her is a move to the West to compare MBA experiences. She's signed up for exchange programmes at London Business School, University of St. Gallen and Chicago Booth School of Business.

She sees her time on the MBA as chance to prepare herself for the business world of the future and finds the CUHK MBA is very balanced in terms of addressing international business concerns but also looking deeply at Chinese business practice.

“Courses are fabulously designed to get you to understand China and the mystery behind its growth. Right now I’m studying supply chain in China, Chinese monetary policy and managing derivatives in China”, says Jasvin.

This wonder woman is also very involved in student activities at CUHK and is currently the vice president of the CUHK Consulting Club where she has secured speakers from IBM and Arthur D Little and expanded the Club's connections to MBA students at other Hong Kong universities.

She will also be competing with CUHK MBA colleagues from Germany, Canada, Sri Lanka and China at the Hult Global Case Challenge this weekend. Her team believe it's a great chance to take their China experience to Dubai and see how they can compete with students from elite business schools all over the world.

What else? She casually mentioned that she’s also learning Mandarin, Cantonese and German! She says she feels she can do all this while she is young, but we're pretty sure she'll be just as busy in 20 years!