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HEC Paris MBA Brings Fresh Ideas To American Express

Marketing man Sandeep Krishnamani is getting his colleagues to use social media sites and LinkedIn to generate sales leads!

By  Ifeatu Nnaobi

Thu Feb 23 2012


Sandeep Krishnammani completed the HEC Paris MBA in December 2011 and has been enjoying using the knowledge and skills gained on his MBA at his role as Business Development Manager for American Express Singapore.

Sandeep specialized in marketing on the HEC Paris MBA because he wanted to get up-to-date with modern day strategic marketing skills. The 30-year-old gained his Bachelors in Commerce, Marketing and Finance from the University of Mumbia, India in 2002. He started his career as a management trainee at Tata Motors India before moving to Singaporean trading company Tionale Pte Ltd.

Sandeep worked for Tionale for nearly five years and his last role there was business development manager. He was responsible for developing and overseeing strategic business planning, account management and working capital management in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand amongst other countries.

The highly entrepreneurial nature of Tionale allowed Sandeep to travel to and work from over 30 countries in the world. He also handled a portfolio that was close to US $40 million.

When Sandeep started at HEC Paris, he was keen to get global exposure and take this experience back to the Asia-Pacific region. His MBA consulting project was with building materials firm Lafarge, where Sandeep assisted the supply chain department in a “route to market” optimization project for the company’s cement division.

After experiencing European business education and the European market place, Sandeep knew he would be able to add more value back in Asia. He joined American Express Singapore and works with corporations that have a turnover of at least US $150 million.

He describes this role as his dream job because he gets to meet the biggesst CFOs and financial controllers in the region and advises them on how American Express can help them manage their expenses.

“Something that has been crucial to this job has been using the networking techniques I learned while at HEC and expanding on the network I built while I was there”, he says.

Sandeep added that while he was at HEC Paris, he was in charge of the Asia Pacific Club where he “unleashed his leadership skills”. During his tenure he organized an ‘Asia study Trek’ on which eighteen students visited major cities and companies. They travelled for three weeks and visited 60 companies across the region.

Sandeep proudly added that, “Although intensive planning for six months went into that trip, it was OK because I wanted to sell Asia so badly to my classmates. We now have about twelve of my HEC Paris classmates working in Singapore”.

Sandeep has only been at American Express for a few weeks but he has enjoyed imparting things he learned from his MBA to his team. He says, “I’ve got my team into social networking, getting contacts from Linkedin and building business relationships from this.

"When I joined only two or three were on Linkedin, now all of them are there are looking to learn more on the benefits of social networking."