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Business Plan Competitions Take Nanyang MBA To Bangkok and Las Vegas

Akhil Mehta can’t resist entering tough business school challenges that take him all around the world

Akhil Mehta is the Nanyang MBA who has brought the "in it to win it" attitude to two international business plan competitions already and plans to participate in a couple more before graduation.

The Indian national is on an intensive accelerated 10-month MBA and is determined to make his MBA experience as exciting as possible. Rather than the typical 16-month programme, Akhil opted for a shorter programme so that he could enter the job market earlier.

He is set to graduate in June 2012 fortified with fresh business knowledge and a lot of confidence, having participated in several business school challenges.

Akhil was in the oil and gas industry before he enrolled at the Nanyang MBA. He worked at multinational Essar Oil as a senior manager for its Project Finance department in Mumbai, India. One of the highlights of working at Essar was taking a leading role in the commercialization of the company’s first natural gas project in India, worth around US$7 billion.

Now, he sees an opportunity to build his career in Singapore, one of the world's biggest financial hubs. He was attracted to Nanyang because the school has strong links with key financial firms in the Singapore and in the rest of Asia and beyond. 

“Banking and finance in Singapore is very promising for someone like me and being at Nanyang which not only has the oldest and most reputed MBA in Singapore but has continued to receive international recognition and praise gives me an edge”, says Akhil.

Since being on the Nanyang MBA Akhil has participated in business challenges in Las Vegas, USA and Bangkok, Thailand. The running joke amongst his colleagues is that he’s following the route of the hit US film The Hangover.

As we chatted, Akhil convinced me that he was entering these business competitions to, “Gain a different opportunity to translate what we learn in the classroom” and not just for the travel opportunities!

He added that he has further options to attend two other business challenges in Texas and in Hawaii!

Akhil comes across as the sort of guy you want to have on your team since he's ready for action, even when he's far away from home. His team mates on the Nanyang MBA have a natural global executive in their midst!


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