Top One Year MBA Programs In The USA

More US business schools are offering shorter, more affordable one year MBA programs. Here's some of the best on offer

One-year MBA programs are almost the standard at business schools in Europe and Asia. INSEAD’s 10-month MBA has been ranked in the top-five in the world by the Financial Times for five consecutive years.

But the traditional, two-year, full-time MBA is still the flagship program for most business schools in the United States.

The two-year MBA gives students more time to explore their career options. It’s usually made up of a less experienced class. And it typically incorporates an MBA internship—taken in the summer between first and second year—through which a high proportion of US-based MBA students land their post-MBA jobs.

However, the market is changing. MBA students demand more flexibility and taking two years out of work to go to business school has become increasingly onerous.

According to data from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 47% of candidates considered one-year MBAs in 2018, compared to 45% who considered two-year MBAs—historically the dominant program. International applications to US business schools continue to fall.

In response to these shifts in demand, more US business schools now offer one-year MBA programs to complement two-year MBAs.

In the US, one-year MBAs tend to target more experienced students and are often focused on a particular specialty or industry, like the Tech MBA at NYU Stern.

Here, we round up some of the top one-year MBA programs on offer in the US, their cost, and their average GMAT scores:

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