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The 20 Best Business Schools For Corporate Social Responsibility

Business schools have heightened their focus on CSR as demand increases on businesses to become more socially responsible

Wed Apr 17 2019

As the demand increases on businesses to become more socially conscious, business schools are starting to follow suit. 

This is the first year that corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been one of the criteria considered in the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings. And for good reason. More MBA applicants, and employers are looking at making an impact and at ‘doing well by doing good’.

The FT has rated the top 20 schools with a substantial amount of teaching on CSR in their core curriculums. CSR covers a range of topics around responsible business, ethics, and sustainability.

The inclusion of socially responsible business content into the core curriculums of MBA programs (rather than as add-on electives) demonstrates the heightened awareness around sustainability in business.

The shift in the FT ranking criterion, meanwhile, reflects a shift in global business towards considering the ‘triple bottom line’. Companies now look at their financial bottom line along with the environmental and social impact.

While it’s hard to draw a direct correlation between post-MBA salaries and CSR content, it's clear that the focus on social responsibility is certainly not hurting post-MBA salaries.  It’s also clear that more business schools hope to turn out candidates with a more nuanced idea of success.  

If responsible business is important to you, you’ll want to check out the 20 best business schools for corporate social responsibility:

20. George Washington University


Overall Rank in 2019: 90

Country: US

Weighted salary ($): 114,921

Employment within three months of graduation: 84%

19. ESMT...

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