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VIDEO: How To Get Into A Top MBA Program

Looking to get into a top MBA program? We spoke to two of London's top admissions directors who give their advice

Tue Oct 8 2019

There are many things to juggle when you're filling out your application to a top MBA program.

Being honest, making yourself standout, and identifying the right business school can all be tricky, particularly with only a limited amount of words and time to express yourself. 

In an exclusive interview, BusinessBecause caught up with David Simpson, MBA admissions director at London Business School, and Joel McConnell, executive director of admissions at Imperial College Business School, who give their top pieces of advice on how to nail your MBA application.


Joel's biggest piece of advice is something very simple—apply early. 

"The sooner you apply, especially if you are an international student, the better," Joel remarks. 

He also suggests good ways to make yourself stand out to the admissions team, who have a clear idea of the type of student they want on the program. 

David says applicants should do their research about the program at LBS and communicate why they are the right sort of candidate. Part of this is understanding yourself—and why exactly you want to do an MBA at this time.

Find out more about applying to these two top business schools by watching our video.