Christmas Wish List For MBA Applicants: 5 Gift Ideas!

Stuck on gift ideas for your Christmas wish list? Here’s five items for every MBA applicant this festive season

Preparing for your MBA essay and interview questions is challenging, but the 'Why business school?' question might not be the hardest one you'll face this year. 

When you’re asked the inevitable 'What’s on your Christmas list?', it's good to have a few gift ideas up your sleeve.

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Here’s five more things every MBA applicant should put on their Christmas wish list. Loved ones, take note. 

1. A sharp new suit for your MBA

T-shirt, jeans, hoodie. Mark Zuckerberg has become almost as recognizable for casual work attire as he has been for his innovations in the social media world. 

But studies suggest that the way we dress can really impact our success, both through the way we’re perceived by others and the way that we think. Wearing formal business attire may allow us to think more abstractly; it also stands to improve our negotiation skills in the boardroom. 

You don’t need to break the bank to get a Brooks Brothers three-piece or Gucci trouser suit—a well-fitted, simple suit can cost you less than $200 these days. Its return on investment may be even greater. 

2. A MOOC subscription to support your MBA application

Looking for things to do over the Christmas break? Why not check out Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs? 

MOOC platforms like Coursera offer a variety of online courses that will help boost your MBA application, in everything from data analytics to corporate sustainability. 

Moreover, MOOCs give you access to top quality education from world class institutions including Harvard Business School, Wharton, and HEC Paris. 

3. A book from our MBA Christmas reading list

Curled up in front of the fire, there’s no better time than Christmas to get stuck into a really good book. 

A book doesn’t have to be the dud gift at the bottom of the pile—it can trigger inspiration, interest, and intrigue for all aspects of learning that you might come across at business school. 

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4. An Intention Tracker pad

Have you ever tried achieving everything you want and need to do? It’s impossible. MBA applicants might be juggling their careers, test preparation, business school applications, and free time—24 hours is hardly enough. 

Time machines aren’t yet available commercially, but an Intention Tracker pad might be the next best thing. Each day you take a moment to carefully detail everything you want to achieve that day, in both practical and emotional ways. You can tick each thing off as you go. 

If you’re a keen list maker, or someone who gets things done methodically, this might just be the stocking filler for you. 

5. A new bike

Fed up with practising your putting game? Out with the five iron and in with the lycra—cycling is the new golf when it comes to networking. 

Golf, the favored game of many rich white men around the world, has seen a 20% decline in players over the past decade, beckoning the rise of the more modern sport of cycling. Cycling spin-offs, like spinning, have boomed in popularity too. 

A new bike might not be the cheapest present, and you’ll have to hope that you’re really high up on Santa’s nice list, but a fresh set of wheels could be the key to building a network inside and outside of the MBA classroom. 

Some great Christmas gifts are free...

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