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7 Rising Stars From The MBA At NUS Business School

What’s it like to study at the National University of Singapore? We spoke to some of the stars of The NUS MBA about what drew them to the program, and their favorite aspects of the program


By  Simon Lovick

Wed Jul 22 2020


Roger Tan


Marketing professional Roger joined NUS after nearly four years working at Kadence International in Singapore. 

During his MBA, he was vice president of The NUS MBA Student Council, as well as facilitating and moderating the Social Innovation Challenge run by the Sustainability, Ethics & Impact Club.

1. Describe your personal brand.

Reliable, trustworthy and always keen to help others 

2. Why did you pick NUS?

The NUS MBA is right in the heart of a highly dynamic business landscape. Singapore is often the regional hub for many multinational companies, and there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in this dynamic business landscape. The NUS MBA curriculum also provides the opportunity to learn more about businesses in the region.

It's also a world-class program, and is unique in its own way. The 17-month program fits the sweet spot in timeframe for myself, and offers me the flexibility to craft the experience according to my interests with global exposure, internships and the ability to specialise in my interest areas.

3. What has been the most stand-out experience of your MBA?

I value the simpler times where I would bump into my fellow course mates on campus, and the spontaneous and interesting conversations we would have. That is an experience that I believe no amount of video calls can come close to replicating. 

4. Tell me something about The NUS MBA that others might not know.

The NUS MBA is part of the larger NUS organisation, and one can find all sorts of opportunities to collaborate across faculties and programs. The onus is on you to make the most of this chance!

5. Who is your personal hero?

In my professional career, I am fortunate enough to have crossed paths with various business leaders, peers and other colleagues whom I have had the chance to learn from. Each interaction, and every challenge is an opportunity for me to improve myself. Having said that, I have my parents to thank for shaping the mindset that I have right now.

Amongst the life advice that I have picked up over the years, one valuable one that is at the top of my mind is to always put myself in others' shoes, and try to see things from their perspective. It is also thanks to my parents' unwavering support in my endeavours that I am where I am today.

6. What are your next steps?

I have always held the belief that businesses can create much social value while being commercially viable at the same time. Not only do I aspire to lead such a business that creates value for the community, I also hope to tap on my experience to inspire a new batch to achieve greater heights, and improve the lives of many more.

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